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Thrive: verb


1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful.             2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish.


Hello! I want to share a bit about my thoughts on life! I hope you will pray for our girls in America as you read about my passion for girls and women.


As we observe culture today, we realize the importance for young ladies to have women in their lives to love them, speak truth, and live as examples of godly women. People want REAL. There is plenty of fake out there, so let's get REAL.


Girls are faced with life-changing decisions daily, so we desire that they have the relationship with Christ and knowledge of His Word to stand up to temptation and follow His best for their lives.


We see the example of a mentorship relationship between older women and younger women in the Bible. While student ministers and pastors share the God's Word with young women, only women can truly understand the hearts of girls and share how to become godly sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends.

If we do not teach girls how to love Jesus, the world will teach them not to. There is no neutral territory. This is why I believe in girls ministry!


I desire for girls and young women from all socio-economic backgrounds find self-worth, motivation, and inspiration to live the full life God designed for them. I do not want to see them simply float through life, content with mediocrity or safety; but I want them to truly live the life and step out in faith that God will do great things when they are fully devoted to Him!


The goal is to enable girls in practical ways to find freedom from issues, understand God's unconditional love for them, and change their world for Jesus Christ! I want girls to understand their value in Christ and be motivated to take the hope they have in Christ to their friends, community, and world.


My mission is to provide opportunities for life transformation and disciple young ladies to become fearless, devoted Christ-followers who take the Gospel in whatever they do and wherever they go into their world.


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