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women's/girls' groups

I love sharing the message of Christ and practical ways to help families thrive! I would love to meet you too! 


I have spoken at school groups for Fellowship of Christian Athletes events, sports team events, and about special topics such as bullying and study habits.


From a counseling aspect, I have been able to talk with groups on topics such as grief, family communication, and dealing with conflict.


At churches, I have met with women to discuss struggles and successes in everyday life and encourage each other as sisters in Christ. From mommyhood and simply trying to survive some days to quiet time with

God as a woman with a relationship with Him, God has lots of encouragement for us.


Teenagers are also a fun audience, as we can meet together, laugh, and discuss real life issues from dating to picking colleges to dealing with friendships.


If any of this might be helpful to you, please message me so we can get together! I am excited to meet you already.




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