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ways to win the day

I have seen signs of spring! It ready does exist and it is coming soon! I planted some daffodils in the front flower bed last year and they did not last long and I figured I had not planted them properly, but there they were as yellow as could be this week! I am so happy! Daffodils and tulips just scream spring!

The warmer weather has allowed me to throw open the windows, sit outside for lunch, and breathe in the afternoon air! We have gone back to frigid temperatures but they will not last forever. Life just feels calmer to me when the warmer weather shows up.

Even if the weather is good, some days are just rough. Some days the funk just hits hard. If you feel a bad mood creeping on, I have some easy ways to bring back the feel-good mood. I go over some helpful hints with my clients and I also use them myself!

Open the windows. Fresh air is healthy for the body and good for the soul. God gave us creation and it has many benefits, including being a mood booster!

Find some sunshine! Brightness and light can boost your mood. Even if it is simply overhead lights and lamps, get some light.

Take a shower. Feel the warm soothing water and even wash your hair! Good smelling soap and shampoo always helps anyone feel better. Sometimes I feel like I just need to wash the day off in the shower. Am I right?

Pick up some clutter. Stuff laying around is visually distracting and depressing. Throw away some trash and pick up what has been on the counter for the last two weeks. Enjoy the clear surfaces.

Wear something you feel good wearing. It does not have to be a formal outfit or even jeans. As long as it feels good to wear and you feel cute, put it on!

Drink plenty of water. Enough said, really. Water is needed for the body to do its job and the more the better!

Spends some time with God. Ideally each day, especially morning before the day hits, but whenever you choose is good. Obviously, He is the ultimate One Who can change your mood.

Watch or listen to something funny. Even if you fake a smile or laugh, your body does not know the difference and will adapt to what you are doing. If you take some time to laugh, you will feel the change in your body! I personally enjoy a good John Crist or Trey Kennedy YouTube video!

Weeping may stay overnight,

But there is joy in the morning.

Psalm 30:5




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