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ways to win as students

Hello! The pumpkin bread is out of the oven and the aroma of pumpkin and chocolate chips that signal fall is in the kitchen cooling! We are celebrating our homeschool fall break early (because we all need that) and began the festivities today.

Before we cut into the warm delicious pan of bread, I have a quick minute to get out some ideas as I have been working with clients again! I have missed them so much this year, but we are back! I notice many students are struggling with a new way to do school and manage time. Some are in school, some are online, some are working jobs while completing schoolwork online, and it can get quite busy and overwhelming. The following are some ways we have decided that help with creating and maintaining a new life schedule:

Get plenty of sleep. Sometimes at night it is a choice between having fun or getting rest, but your body needs the rest to stay well and function properly. Sleep helps the body recharge and take on the next day! Sleep produces greater productivity, lower risk of depression and heart disease, reduction in stress, boosts the immune system, so hit they hay at a reasonable hour and get that seven hours in!

Drink plenty of water. Try for eight eight oz. glasses each day. That is a lot of water, I know! Begin early in the day and carry it around in a bottle with measurement markings on it to check progress. Water is good for everything, even skin health and beauty.

Wash the face. Never go to bed with makeup on. Cleansing skin clears pores, removes oil from the skin, and boosts fresh, bright, healthy skin. Moisturize with a favorite lotion after showers. Smell good and protect the skin at the same time.

Work out. No matter how great or little the time. Walk a pet, get outside, enjoy some fresh air. Aim for two to three times each week helps physical and mental health tremendously. Take a break from screens and stress. Thirty minutes even if not all at once is shown to have positive mental and physical benefits!

Make the bed. Your mama was right. It feels so good to climb into a bed that has been made and tucked in all day than to roll into sheets that have been crumpled and had junk laid on it and in it all day. A fresh bed is a good start for a good night’s sleep. At the end of a long day, you will be glad you took the time to pull up the covers and toss the pillows on!

Do FUN stuff. Color a coloring book, paint nails, pet animals at the animal shelter, build stuff, whatever it is that is just plain fun. Everyone needs a break for hobbies and creativity.

Laugh. Watch funny animal videos or enjoy comedy movies with friends. Take a break from the serious side of life and enjoy some funny laugh-out-loud humor. A bonus is the ability to spend time with others who appreciate the humor too.

Spend time with God. Spiritual health is important too and affects every us physically and mentally too. Find a great book for a guide or read through a book of the Bible. Write down prayers and watch how God works.

Create a time block schedule. I am currently working with clients on this one. Schools are different in how they are structured this year, so many students feel incredibly overwhelmed! It Is difficult to look at a complete list of assignments for an entire semester and know how to make good use of time and complete work in a timely manner. College students have a difficult time adjusting to this, so high school students are feeling the difficulty too. Draw a block of seven days, label each day of the week, and fill in all of the “have to” pieces, such as a general work schedule, sports practices, church, schoolwork, and fun time. Everyone needs some fun time, so to write out a general routine for each day of the week helps to get that in, while maintaining schoolwork responsibilities. It can also be adjusted based on what works and does not work, so for time management, it is a win!

I am working on a time schedule myself even as I work with my counseling clients. For me, it changes day to day after I discover something that works or does not work. This is such a strange year, so my entire life feels a bit “off.” I have never had to structure my time in such a way and these little people at home are literally jumping off couches and not sleeping a full night. Wow. I pray you see God’s grace and goodness as you navigate your life this year and feel His presence this week. Talk soon! Praying for all of you.




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