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training wheels and grace

Hey there! It’s a rainy day and I just put some Jello chocolate pudding in the refrigerator after “rest time” because it just felt right to make it today. They have started the American Girl Samantha movie from about 15 years ago, so we can eat some pudding and watch it. Feels like a good day to indulge in some chocolate pudding. Random.

It is summer time, so time seems limitless, yet passes quickly at the same time. Without a more structured schedule, time can keep us from accomplishing tasks instead of complete them. Schedules help us to stay on track and tasks become more accomplished when we have several activities during the day instead of when we stare at a whole day wide open with no plans. Interesting, huh?

I love to be productive, probably to a fault, and I get frustrated when my plans get behind or do not happen at all. Some of you get it and some of you can recover without your feathers ruffled at all. I admire you! I need a little more of that in my life! Sometimes it seems a day is not even redeemable when all seems to go wrong and I just cannot quite get on my feet again and the mood is just dark and I feel the permanent scowl on my face.

I suppose I will share a short story. Peoples’ stories always illustrate points so I remember. One Wednesday a few weeks ago, everything was just off and went haywire. Every single person at home was a crab, people fought all day, little Deacon whined all day, it was hot, and even the fun activities I thought of turned into fights or someone spilling something. The spills annoyed me, which then made me feel bad because I was annoyed and a terrible person. Ugh. I thought we could go on a walk for a change of scenery. Bad idea. Linly and EK can ride bikes fine. Jenna just got a bigger bike and still has to get off every time we stop at a street corner since it is a bit tall for her. Raegan has training wheels, which I learned bend and prevent her from doing the little peddling she was doing properly to move forward. Jenna kept falling off and getting frustrated. Raegan cried because her bike would barely move while her little legs kind of tried to move forward. So, there I am, Linley and EK way ahead, Jenna crying and not even wanting to ride home, I have one hand on Raegan’s bike, bent over, trying to push her forward while she is wailing in frustration, and one hand on Deacon’s stroller, trying to keep it in a straight line on the narrow sidewalk. We made it home. And that is when I determined the day was done.

God speaks to us in His Word about this little GRACE idea. I do not use a lot of it for myself as I hold myself up to only the highest of standards and everything must go well and be well. Is that not a little selfish and arrogant on my part, though? It is great to be driven and do our tasks the best we can “as if working for the Lord and not for men” (Colossians 3:23). When I do make mistakes or completely fall flat on my face, I must remember I am simply a human who desperately needs my Father God to pick me up. Only He is perfect, not me!

To the mom who yelled at her kids today.

To the girl who flunked a test.

To the career woman who missed the promotion.

To the woman who loses every item in her house.

To the one who is not sure what to do next.

To the mom wife who was grouchy at suppertime.

To the mom who poured cereal for supper without an organic fruit or veggie.

You are enough.

Not on your own.

Simply because you are created by God for His glory and He loves you so much He sent Jesus for you.

Therefore let us approach the throne of grace with BOLDNESS so that we may receive mercy and find GRACE to help us at the proper time. Hebrews 4:16

We have no fear that God will yell or shake His finger at us. We can come with humility, like a child, acknowledging our imperfections and ask Him for help. Praise the Lord because we all need help every once in a while! AMEN!




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