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Thirty-Seven Lessons

Hello to you! I have been writing curriculum the past few weeks, so I have missed you! I have set up the three older ones for school and headed to the coffee shop over the past few weeks to get some work done. I used to write in my bedroom closet since it is the quietest room in the house and farthest away from everyone. Now my hubby works in it as the cloffice, so even that space is taken up. It sounds worse than it is, I assure you. It is a long rectangle with two windows at one end opposite the door. We only keep clothes hanging and shoes on the shelves, so it is not cluttered. It does, however smell like computers and monitors in there instead of laundry, but what do ya do?

Coffee shops have to work since everyone knows no work gets done at home! Not for me, anyway. I always find a pile of junk to put away, someone needs something, or I end up baking cookies.

I had a birthday August 29 and I always wonder how different I am from the year before. I am always amazed how fast time flies. Each year we can have a slightly different perspective on life, so I have written some lessons I have learned in life. Enjoy!

Thirty seven lessons learned in thirty seven years:

1. My life only feels in control when I am consistently spending time with God and He is in control.

2. A good friend is around no matter what.

3. Some of my best friends have not been part of the “popular” crowd.

4. It matters what I put in my head (music, movies, tv).

5. Striving to be cool is too exhausting and not worth it.

6. God wrecks my plans before I wreck my life.

7. Christmas music is appropriate any time of year for a little joy.

8. Makeup is fun and I wear it everyday but I don’t need eight eyeliners or twelve foundations.

9. Water makes my skin look better.

10. Do everything with excellence.

11. Always try.

12. It always pays to be friendly.

13. Smile. Even if it is fake, it still helps the body feel better.

14. Not everyone will like me and this is okay.

15. Not everyone is thinking about me as much as I think they are.

16. Pleasing everybody is impossible and results in pleasing nobody. Only God’s opinion matters.

17. Do my thing - whatever God calls me to do - and enjoy the people and places along the way.

18. Make everyday special and don’t save the china for only pecial occasions.

19. Take time for older people.

20. Listen to wisdom from Godly people.

21. I am never too old to learn a new skill.

22. Go for it - whatever it is - try it, do the best possible, and enjoy the learning that comes.

23. Rainy days are equally as good as sunny days - they are what I make them.

24. I don’t need all the “stuff” I spent some much time carefully curating in my 20s.

25. One-touch rule: put things away the first time. Don’t wait to put it away later.

26. Less is more - in decorating and in words.

27. Everyone needs a balloon for their birthday.

28. Mopped floors and freshly vacuumed carpet are good for the soul.

29. Always try. Why settle for good when it can be great?

30. Keep a stuffed animal on the bed. It is a nice comfort.

31. Each day, put a little makeup on each day, keep the nails trimmed, or legs shaved. It helps on crazy days to feel a bit more put together despite any chaos.

32. Eat fruits and veggies.

33. There is no substitute for sweat sesh workout.

34. Dessert is a fine treat in moderation and I have it every night.

35. Let God handle the unfairness in life.

36. When it is tempting to feel jealous, take a tally of all there is to be thankful for personally.

37. Going outside for fresh air makes problems feel better.

What important lessons have you learned over time? I would love to hear them. I currently have a small cub on my lap, chewing on a piece of train set. I suppose my laptop and fall table runner I made are super interesting. Sewing is one of those hobbies I have just recently really put time into working at it. Every project I begin is a challenge since sewing is not a natural talent. It is rewarding, so I will keep working, keep making mistakes, and keep attempting beautiful items. Enjoy whatever projects you are working on right now. Talk soon!




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