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It’s freezing here, quite literally! We have had several winter storms come through middle Tenn. recently so we have embraced slippers and fleece. In this weather and for some, this season of the year, motivation is difficult to find. As if normal activities were difficult to come by before, the ice we have had has kept even more closed! I know it is serious when McDonald’s is closed! Sometimes the girls (and boy) and I go through the drive through to get a dollar drink for a treat. They can share a large and I can sip on a Diet Dr. Pepper…so refreshing. Even this option has not been possible this week! This cold also makes leggings an everyday essential, however, it really hinders the motivation, am I right?

As I have been thinking about motivation and have had many clients struggling to find motivation, I have compiled a quick list of some ways to keep going and stay on top of life. We can do it!

schedule. It is nice to have a sweatpants day and sit around and watch movies but the fun only lasts so long. Keep this lifestyle for long and it will end up depressing instead of fun! Maintain a reasonable structure to the day. I avoid saying schedule to my clients because schedules are rigid and life happens. A structure is attainable and keeps the day flowing. Eat meals around the same time, keep tasks in the same order so everyone involved knows what to expect without surprises.

attainable goals. Start simple and set yourself up for success. Attempt projects that can be tackled and finished in one day. Sometimes I have a habit of washing way more laundry in a day than can be folded and put away. At the end of the day I am left with baskets full of crumpled clothes. Nobody wants to look at that! I have to make sure I only start loads I know I can finish so I can keep it from overtaking the upstairs hallway and caving in on someone.

thoughts. Be sure to speak truth into life. Write some Bible verses in dry erase marker on the mirrors or post-it notes work too. Changed thoughts lead to changed behavior. The enemy would love to get into our heads since the mind is where action begins, so we need to protect our minds by filling them with truth.

tolerance. Instead of getting frustrated when plans fail, brainstorm a way to prevent it from happening again. I sometimes try to get too many “quick” tasks accomplished before I leave home and instead of feeling accomplished, I end up late to where I was headed. I also hate the feeling of rushing in breathless somewhere right on time or even a few minutes late. When I rush, it is easier to forget important details too. I (still) have to practice getting ready earlier than I feel I need to, so we can take our time without rushing around to find shoes, bags, jackets, and whatever else is needed.

fun. Dream up a goal or fun activity to look forward to. It can be as simple as making coffee or a project that will feel good to accomplish like cleaning out the pantry. It can help get those feet on the floor when the alarm goes off.

feel it. When a dreaded task arises, remember how it feels when it is done! I am getting tired of cleaning bathrooms lately even though I usually enjoy it. I have stared at the walls of the house so much over the past 11 months, it probably is correlated. I keep in mind how they smell lemony-fresh when I am through wiping the tub and counters with lysol.

Enjoy your leggings and hot chocolate! Savor the last of the winter snow and biting cold. Spring is coming!




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