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The Swamp and my Dad

Hello there, my sweet friends!

I thought summer would be a time to move slower but it has, in fact, moved quickly so far! We took a trip to Florida to visit my people! Florida is home to my dad and most of his family!

It seems appropriate we were there this Father's Day time of year. Sadly, it was for my uncle’s funeral. My dad’s brother met Jesus a few weeks ago. After age four, I have not lived near him and my wonderful aunt, but my memories of visiting him were always filled with laughter and jokes. He also loved his animals and gave us the best watermelons from the farms in Florida.

My Dad is a University of Florida graduate, so we were able to visit The Swamp. Go Gators, y’all! In the spirit of Father’s Day, we were able to visit the small town my dad grew up in and where I lived the first four years of my life. A small town outside Gainesville called Chiefland!

We visited the church where he became a Christian, met my mom who came as the music director, and where I learned about Jesus for the first few years of life. Chiefland, home of my grandma’s old sundries store, my grandaddy’s old bank, Spanish moss, sand, spiders, and big trucks!

We saw the first house I ever lived in! The first house my parents owned! The Spanish Moss is super southern!

I would like to shout out to my dad, who is truly a Daddy. My Dad, who only had an older brother and was blessed with three daughters (and a son). Thanks to him for putting up with all the squealing and cat fights!

He taught me how to play football and played with Aaron and I many Saturday afternoons in the backyard.

He paid me to wrap my moms birthday and Christmas gifts.

He taught me that The Andy Griffith Show is the only tv show necessary.

He always said to get an education because nobody can take that away from you. I went to college and seminary. Bam!

He let me get dirty and play in the doghouse with the dog.

He taught me how to fish.

He took me to McDonald’s for a cheese danish on Saturday mornings when I was three and four years old. I still can find nothing to rival a McDonald’s cheese danish.

He helped me prepare my tithe envelope on Saturday nights and put my dime in it to take to church on Sundays.

He let me cheer in high school even though it was a bit pricey…it paid off with a college scholarship, though!

He attended a lot of high school basketball games to watch me cheer.

He attended a lot of college football and basketball games to watch me cheer.

He listened to me cry before every speech I gave my senior year of high school. He listened to my fear of speaking in front of my class and knew the only reason I took speech was because it was required to graduate.

He taught me how to swim.

He taught me to respect everyone - no matter how the world views them.

He let me watch him change the oil in the lawnmower.

He taught me how to mow the grass.

He can make the best baked potatoes for Saturday night meals.

He taught me to be kind and stand up for myself - I know I could protect myself with my fist if I needed to!

He told me “greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world” for every fear I had (1 John 4:4).

He told me about Jesus at bedtime so often that I came to follow Jesus at seven years old.

Thanks to all the dads out there who give a tiny glimpse of the love our heavenly Father.

Everyone wants a dad who is kind, gentle, brave, is a voice for the voiceless, and can still kick somebody in the throat when necessary.

Thank you to my heavenly Father Who is all these things and more! He has conquered death (1 Corinthians 15:55), is a Protector of all (Psalm 91), and loves us more than words can say (Psalm 63:3). He is truly the best Daddy ever! My earthly dad would totally agree with me!

We praise the one true God, He does wonderful things!

Exodus 15:11




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