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summer reads and coffee shops

Hello friends!

The dog days of summer…I don’t know about dog days, but it sure is muggy and hot and seems like a great time to get some good reading in between work or school or home activities. Reading has always been one of my favorite activities! In elementary school, we went to story time at the library each Wednesday, so while my little sisters were participating in that, my friends and I checked out books. I checked out fifteen books each week, the limit allowed, and often finished all of them before the next Wednesday! What have you been into this week?

We needed to get out of the house, so we decided to try a new coffee shop in town. I was hesitant to go, afraid it might be one small room, and people might get annoyed with us all going inside, especially a stroller. It turned out great, though, and was quite spacious and plenty of room to spare! Whew! Fortunately everyone decided to act classy and nobody broke the ceramic vase of flowers on our table. Made it! My iced caramel latte was fantastic. I was able to enjoy it as long as I could keep Deacon supplied with his cinnamon sugar cheerios.

We love big windows and sunshine!

Hot chocolate is always fancy and fun, even in the summertime!

How Deacon enjoys coffee shops: covered in cinnamon cheerios!

No makeup? No problem! Just happy to enjoy a coffee!

So…good reads! I would love to share some of our favorite reading materials at the moment! For myself, I am loving another study from Kelly Minter’s Living Room series called Finding God Faithful, a great study on the life of Joseph! I read a little during my quiet time each morning, so I take more than one day to complete a one day reading section, but I like to make sure I really understand and have the time to take copious notes in my Bible about what I am learning. It takes me more than the typical eight weeks but it is what I have time for at this point in life and I am really getting a tremendous amount of understanding Joseph’s story! Any study from her Living Room series I totally recommend!

You can find it here

and for teen girls here

If you know a preteen, a copy of Bible Express is a great guide for healing them learn more about God’s Word. These quick devotions for each day are written especially for their age and plain life. Each magazine also includes a fun article to go with the verses for the month. Love it! If you know preteen boys, the opposite side of the magazine can be flipped so boys get to enjoy the magazine with devotions written just for them too! Each month's magazine includes devotions for both boys and girls! You can find it here

One book that has meant a lot to me since I read it the first time as a college student is Elisabeth Elliot’s Passion and Purity. Any high school or college girl will love the easy read with practical information for navigating life in general, not just in relationships! I underlined so much as I read it and passed it on to my friends. Elisabeth Elliot was part of the group of missionaries who attempted to reach the Waorani Indians with the message of Jesus. In 1956, her husband Jim was killed by the people there. She returned to Ecuador with her toddler daughter in effort to reach the same people who killed her husband and successfully shared Jesus’s love with them! You can find it here

For those who love simple truths from God’s Word, especially in board book form, we are loving The Moon Speaks, which tells how God’s character is seen in all of His creation! We love how each attribute is beautifully illustrated with words and pictures. EK especially loves to read it for everyone at bedtime! I personally love board books and will still read them for my own enjoyment even when everyone in my home outgrows them! You can find it here

What are your favorite reads this summer? Enjoy the last bit of the summer season as the world begins to change a little and schools begin to resume. Love to all!




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