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summer days and s'mores

Helloooooo! We celebrated Ella Kate’s seventh birthday, the day before Independence Day, so we have had plenty of sweet treats to enjoy for all the festivities. How have you been? It is HOT and MUGGY here in Tennessee now, so I am thankful for the covering to the patio that makes sunny afternoons more tolerable.

So many people we know have been or are going on vacation. We are…not going anywhere and rarely do, so events like making s’mores or getting my American Girl stuff out of the attic is exciting. Linley and Ella Kate are old enough to read on their own, which I find to be such a wonderful age. Old enough to read and play independently but not old enough that they feel they need to hide their dolls or compete with other girls. The perfect age of innocence and imagination. I love it.

I, actually Brett, hauled my boxes out of the attic and I went through all my old American Girl stuff I had packed away. I miss the American Girl magazines, the Grin Pins, my trading card album, and paper dolls. My mom even made Molly clothes out of the patterns they used to sell. All these boxes reminded me of childhood and reading outside or in my room in the afternoons. Do any of you remember getting the dolls, or if maybe giving it to your daughters?

Now all my dolls (ten to be exact) are sitting in top of the bookcase in the playroom. I wish you were here so we could talk about American Girl memories and the stories that stayed with us!

In everyday life, we celebrated the weekly Towel Tuesday where we collect all the bath towels, wash them, and hang them back up before gymnastics classes for fresh towels in the evening. It’s always a good time! In all seriousness, they are all white, so when they get dingy, I just bleach those suckers and they are good to go. My mom also monogrammed the girls’ and boy’s towels, so if someone leaves one on the floor (nightly), I know who the culprit is! Genius!

Tuesday, I also had to run to the post office to mail a letter to a missionary family that should have been taken in May, a card to my brother, and a birthday gift for my neighbor’s daughter, whose family just moved. Since we had to run out anyway, we stopped by one of my favorite local coffee shops so I could grab an apple green tea, half sweet. YUM! It is so refreshing. Bonus, it has curbside for 15 whole minutes so I can avoid dragging everyone inside, and I sat for a few minutes while the little people in the back watched a movie. Nemo, I believe it was. Pure bliss I tell you. If you are in middle Tennessee, this place is called The Fainting Goat. We have been visiting this shop since we moved here over three years ago. I looked up the animal to see if they are real, and they are! There are, in fact, videos of fainting goats out there, I might add!

This morning, I decided we should make s’mores. I had the ingredients for Ella Kate’s birthday, but had not made any yet. We ran out of desserts too, and we cannot have that, now can we? Who does not love a s’more? A perfect summer treat, as long as the chocolate is the main flavor! I would love to share our pictures from this morning and our recipe!

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.

Line a cookie sheet with half graham crackers.

Add a puffy white marshmallow to each cracker.

Put the cookie sheet in the oven for about five minutes and watch the marshmallows puff and turn into a toast golden color. It is magic, I tell you.

Add a chocolate (or two) to each cracker with marshmallow.

Smush the other half graham crackers to the tops and watch the chocolate melt into the wonderful marshmallow magnificence.

Let them cool and enjoy the fabulous flavors!

Line a cookie sheet with half graham crackers!

Add a puffy white marshmallow to each cracker!

Every baking day requires an oven light and waiting in front of the glass!

We can't wait!

Yummy golden toasted marshmallows!

Add a chocolate (or two) to each cracker with marshmallow!

Smush the other half graham crackers to the tops and watch the chocolate melt into the wonderful marshmallow magnificence!

No firepit? No problem! These are dorm-friendly, apartment-friendly, and appropriate for any age. You don’t have to be a kid or have kids to enjoy these!

What have you been up to this summer? I would love to hear about your fun summer stuff, especially the days that seem mundane. Sometimes they can turn into the most fun. Even if you are not going anywhere extravagant, or anywhere at all (like me), squeeze the most out of your summer days. Chase a butterfly, watch an airplane fly by. Take a minute and rest in the Lord’s glory. Talk soon!




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