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millennial mornings

I had the privilege of meeting some college girls who watched my girls (and boy) in child-care at church on Sunday. They were so much fun to talk to, and in just a few minutes of chatting, I learned about their studies, sports they enjoy, and plans for the fall. I have had so many good heart-to-heart conversations about life over coffee and tea at quaint coffee shops over the years, I would love to pick that up again. Obviously, culture shifted last year, so those get-togethers weren’t quite as doable, but here we are!

We can all use some reminders of how to start off the day well, but I especially think about my girls who are in college or engaged in the beginning of careers. These little insights are encouraging and maybe create new ideas to jump into a new day and make the most of the opportunities the Lord has given. My younger sisters both have cats, as do I, so when I picture beginning the day, I always picture feeding a cat. So go ahead, feed your cat, and read on!

Wake up early. Some people jump right out of bed. I am not one of those people. I have trained my body to get up at 5:30 and I LOVE it when I do, but putting that first foot on the floor before the sun has risen is tough. The reminder of what it feels like after I get up and going is what motivates me to move! Who wants to feel behind all day anyway?

Quiet time. Spend time with the Lord. It will change life. There are not words to describe how talking with God and reading His Word has changed me and allowed me to see how God has worked over the past few years of diligent, purposeful quiet time in the still of the morning before the world has fully woken. It does not happen overnight and the results are seen after the daily constant habit over time. The ability to see God and grasp a bit more of His character is a total blessing that comes from the everyday conversations with Him.

Exercise. Whatever time of day works for you is essential. For most people, if it does not happen in the mornings, it may not happen at all. For my teaching friends, a morning workout is not possible, so many teachers find time after the hallways clear at school. Whatever, whenever, get the blood flowing and happy hormones going. Breathe in some fresh air and soak in the sunshine!

Arrive early. Whether work, class, or play, get there with time to spare. This is super tough for me, as I like to see how many tasks I can cram into the day before leaving to go somewhere so I have fewer tasks when I return. I have to work to make sure I allow time to calmly grab my shoes, load the car (We lovingly call our Honda Pilot Pippa), and arrive without blowing in like a hurricane. It makes for a calmer me and I have time to greet people and feel put together before classes, meetings, or hanging out with friends.

Keep a clear desktop. I remind my two older girls to keep their desks clear. Focus on one task at a time as we accomplish homeschool assignments. A cluttered desk leads to confusion, frustration, and redoing work. Focusing on one task enables a person to do it well, cross it off the to-do list, and move on to the next pressing need.

Keep a list. Organizing projects to complete for class or work is essential to visualizing what needs to happen and prioritize, making good use of time. It also helps gain a dependable reputation, as projects and papers are done effectively and efficiently.

Smile and laugh with classmates and coworkers. Take the time to know people around and create an atmosphere of warmth. Encourage someone having a bad day. Inevitably, you will have a bad day too, and these will be your people to help you through it as well.

Practice grace. Life and people make mistakes. People can be offensive. Every person has a story and somebody’s story may be at a point of conflict. Let small offenses go and allow people to make some mistakes. The printer may run out of paper and someone may cut you off in traffic. Perhaps, there was miscommunication in the office and perhaps someone did not see you in the midst of other cars. Let some small stuff go.

E-mail politely. Stay respectful, humble, and helpful. Professors or colleagues will appreciate and recognize it. Your reputation will be one of maturity and humility.

Stay focused and have fun. Keep dreaming big dreams and work toward them. At the same time, remember to enjoy a movie and popcorn with friends at the end of the day. Spend time with people. Make time for the Lord - He is the Source of hope and life.

Life can be confusing and plans sure can change quickly but hold onto our heavenly Father, Who is watching over you and has everything under control. Plans for your next educational step, where to apply for jobs, and what church to attend. He has it all, so trust His goodness in it all.

Pay careful attention, then to how you live - not as unwise people but as wise -

making the most of the time, because the days are evil.

So don’t be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.

Ephesians 5:15-17

Have a wonderful week of school, applying for jobs, or whatever you are doing currently. God is full of goodness so trust His plan and timing. Make the most of the opportunities you have!




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