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LIFE matters

I have seen it - that look of terror when a young woman is told she is unexpectedly expecting a baby. She panics as she questions what her parents will say or how she will finish school or how friends will react. She has no idea what to do next.

My perspective may be little different than most, since my seminary counseling internship in Kansas City, Mo. was at a crisis pregnancy resource center, ironically next to Planned Parenthood. I originally wanted to work at a different place for my internship, but this one was wide open and I knew it was where I needed to go. It totally opened my perspective on people, particularly young women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Every single person has a story and a reason for why they are in the situation they face. Jesus loves them and we as believers have the opportunity to love as well. The women in the stories and the little lives at stake matter to Him.

Our center offered free pregnancy tests and existed to inform girls on all options for an unplanned pregnancy, with the opportunity to share the hope of Jesus Christ. We provided medical care, counseling, baby supplies, baby clothes, and emotional support. I was able to be a part of God’s work in peoples’ lives as He provided hope and physical resources for real life men and women who need help developing a plan. I have personally counseled women who gave their babies life and achieved degrees, jobs, and families. I learned that unexpected pregnancies occur for women from all socioeconomic places, not just one. All these women are valuable and deserved hope and love just like their preborn babies.

I have also seen the look of relief and peace as she realizes she has support and a safe haven. Providing hope for her monetarily, academically, and emotionally, often is the difference between life or death for a tiny baby. We have the privilege to speak up for those who have no voice and to keep the youngest of people protected (Proverbs 31:8-9).

These little lives with tiny fingers and toes who cry out for every need want to be held, kept warm, safe, clean, and told they are loved. I am comforted knowing that Jesus values and cares for the smallest of people as He demonstrated in Matthew 19:14. People brought their children to Jesus, which annoyed the disciples. Jesus told his friends to “Leave the little children alone, and don’t try to keep them from coming to me, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

God has a plan and purpose for each human life created. He loves them and died for them. Regardless of race, social class, and anything else that makes us unique, we are all made in God’s image. Every life is valuable. Curly hair, straight hair, freckles, short,

tall, dark hair, light hair, red hair, athletic, musical, and however else God has created us. Who are we to determine whose lives are valuable and whose are not? Someone’s worth is not measured by whether the parents want them or not, but simply because they exist and are created by God. Someone’s worth is not determined by whether they are viewed as healthy but because they are uniquely created by God.

I like to be liked and I like to stay away from controversy, but I realize sometimes it is unavoidable. So goes this subject of life’s value, but I feel I must speak for those who have no voice. When we begin to determine worth by whether someone is healthy enough to get the opportunity to live, we walk a dangerous road. There are many opinions and it will be difficult to determine where the line will be drawn. Some may say someone with a learning disability has no right to life or someone with a physical disability should not live. Then the question becomes what a disability is. Some may say someone who has a short toe has a disability and their life may not be valued as much as someone with 10 normal toes. When we question the value of lives God has created, these are the questions that we are faced with.

These precious ones deserve to have their eye color, hair color, skin color, food likes, style, and abilities to be revealed as they grow. These lives have talents to be developed that will turn into careers to be discovered. Each tiny life has the opportunity to change the world and make a difference. God knows the surprises hidden in each purposeful life. These most vulnerable humans are needed in the world. Some may bring humor and light to those around, some may be good friends, some may become great teachers, some may lead groups of people to Jesus, or some may lead a country.

January is known as Sanctity of Human Life month, as January 13, 1984, Ronald Raegan declared January 22 as the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day. January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court legalized abortion in all 50 states. January is a time to celebrate life as a holy and precious gift for all people.

Millenials crave relationships, which maybe contribute to the fact that we are actually more pro-life than it seems. Seven out of 10 Millenials and Gen Z want to vote on abortion-related policy. More than seven out of 10 want limits on abortion and less than two of 10 want abortion without limits. I have seen women grieve the loss of her baby from choosing abortion and dads as well. I have seen the health complications that come from abortion too. Life does not have to be this way. These men and women are important to God and their lives do not have to end with the grief from such a traumatic experience. Every abortion affects a person in some way.

There are tough questions regarding the support of LIFE and all must be asked. One big question is how a mom may receive help after they decide to give her baby life as she needs clothes, diapers, food, and more. I am linking a few resources down below so these questions can be addressed. I want to provide resources and answers after we talk about the value of life instead of simply leaving it here.

If you would like to read and see more information on facts, culture, upcoming legislation, and how to become involved in YOUR area of the country to support these women and babies, visit Many people are concerned with what happens to women after they decide to give their babies life, which definitely is important! There are resources by state and community on this website as well.

If you are interested in participating in the virtual March for Life this year, visit for information on it.

Cissie Graham Lynch, yes granddaughter of Billy Graham, will be speaking at the March for Life this Friday, January 29 beginning at 11 a.m. (EST). Please visit the Samaritans Purse website to find out more information and to register for this online event.

The birth of every child changes the world. Since 1973, the world missed meeting over 60 million lives due to abortion. This Friday, people from all races and political parties will join together in The March for Life to display the dignity of human life.

By the way, if you are wondering of your life is of worth, it is. Jesus thought enough of your life to create you and He willingly died for your sins. Your life has value and your are worthy of Jesus’s love. You matter too.





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