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lemon bundt cake and evidence of God

As I sit here, I would love to invite you to partake in the lemon bundt cake I just put in the oven! A great part of the day is in the evening when all is quiet, I can sit on the couch and eat dessert! I love cake! We ran out of our Mardi Gras king cake last night, so I had to do something. I am just hoping it rises in this bundt pan because my experience with some bundt pans, is my delicious cake I was so looking forward to ends up…flat…we shall see.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I almost dread opening my eyes each day because I am afraid of what will fall apart next! Obviously not a good way to live, and I know Jesus and I am a licensed counselor - I should know better than this! You know what I mean, though? I can think of sweet neighbors, family members, and others nearby struggling right now.

My brother came to visit for Christmas with his beloved cat, Sam, who went missing from my parents’ house the day after Christmas. We prayed, put up signs, called his name around the neighborhood, but he was missing for almost two months. He was finally found by a kind neighbor and was rushed to the emergency vet office, but did not make it. I am deeply saddened after he was found cold and sick. It is tempting to ask why God is “punishing me?”

Tough questions since I know God is big enough to make all my dreams come true and all my cakes turn out fluffy not flat. Life does not flow like this all the time. Struggles happen. Is the proof of Jesus working in our lives found in great jobs, power, position, and dreams coming true? Most of the time we think of Jesus’s presence in our lives when we graduate with a prestigious degree, make a fantastic grade, land the job, seal the deal, buy the big house, drive the cool car, have the athletic children, have the smart grandchildren, or the healthy body. We look for these as evidence of Jesus’s goodness in our lives. These are all great to have or be and they might be a part of God’s blessings, but He is still good on the other days.

Is He also found in our lives when we are weak? According to Paul in 2 Corinthians 13:3, Jesus was “crucified in weakness, but He lives by God’s power. For we are also weak in Him, yet toward you we will live with Him by God’s power.” The Corinthians wanted proof that Jesus was speaking through Paul, since he was not flashy.

We look for evidence of God by outward, materialistic blessings, but evidence of Him is not always found there. He can be found when we are weak. In heartbreak, physical illness, exhaustion, confusion, and messes. He is still working when we just cannot seem to get ahead.

Jesus, God on earth, was crucified, but powerful by God and Paul had areas of weakness, but God’s power was strong in him. No matter how we feel, weak or strong, we can find the strength to press on and know He is good. We can rest in His strong arms.

I am hoping for this lemon bundt cake to turn out well. It is almost done and I can smell it from the kitchen. I wish we could both try a bite! Right now, let us both see evidence of Him despite all the frustrations and fear that may be happening. Praying for you all.




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