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Pull up a comfy chair and let’s sit outside on the patio. The weather is super nice today and my heart feels good when I see the sun! My Grandmother died last week, which was expected but kind of unexpected. She had become quite frail but we were planning to visit when the nursing home visitation restrictions were lifted. I did not make it, but she was ready to meet Jesus. Let me tell you about my spunky, brown-eyed, red-haired, musical, preacher’s wife Grandmother.

I don’t know her as a mom, but as my Grandmother, she was the one who listened to me about anything. She listened to me lament about my boring, plain brown hair and how people always thought I was younger than I actually was. She listened to me talk about my friends and what I learned at church and school.

She was married to a pastor and played piano and organ in many of the churches they served. She taught me how to play the piano when we visited. She also helped me with math, my absolute enemy. She taught me how to knit. She made a Laura Ingalls Wilder costume just like the one she wore on the tv show when I was obsessed with it.

She told lots of great stories and was never one to be silent. She could talk the leg off a chair in the best of ways. I never feared how she might act at a party or event because I knew she would work the crowd and carry on conversations with everybody in the room.

She felt the weight of ministry and has often listened to my life as a minister’s wife and given advice. She was not blind to the challenges involved. I have been a ministry wife myself before my hubby was with Chick-fil-A for four years. Now back in ministry, I feel at home, but there are still challenges involved and she understood.

One special time during the service, there was time for family and friends to honor her with words about her life. It was insightful to hear about her as a mom. I loved hearing more about how she raised her children since I suppose I never thought to ask her.

One quality my uncle and aunts mentioned about her was that she was proud of her children and enjoyed showing them off. She asked them to perform a talent for visitors or friends and did the same with her grandchildren. It feels so delightful for someone to be proud of you, does it not?

My uncle spoke about how she made home a wonderful place to be. He said when his friends were trying to figure out ways to escape from home, he was happy to be at his. Goodness, I want my home to be that way. I am used to being a girl mom and being a girl myself, I get them, obviously. I have only one year of experience being a boy mom and I am worried he may not enjoy home and I am worried about girls he may want to hang out with. My uncle’s words gave me hope that God can use my small efforts to create a home my Deacon enjoys. My uncle also married a great lady, and if my Deacon marries someone like her, I will be just fine with that.

I know that she was not perfect and all families have conflicts and issues, and mine is no different, but God still works miracles through each family’s failures and fights. We can look at dysfunctional families throughout the Bible and see how God worked despite the brawls and blows families gave out.

I feel that her life meant so much more than the small group of people able to attend the graveside service, although I know many of her family members and friends have already met Jesus. Her love and influence reached many through her children and grandchildren, in addition to her piano students, school students, church members, and neighbors.

I realized this week how much life matters. Every life has meaning and touches people in some way and God never wastes a life. Even if you feel small or insignificant, know that God’s plan for you is absolutely valuable and nobody can live life like YOU. God has a plan for you that makes a difference even when we do not realize it.

It is wonderful to talk with you all, so remember you are SO LOVED by God and He sees you where you are.




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