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influence, rentals, and catnip pouches

Hello! It’s summer! Let’s sit on the patio outside and sip something sweet and summery! Pink lemonade is a favorite here! I am glad for a break from school and to have a little more laid back atmosphere.

Trying to be good mom, I decided to take us back to the library since we had not visited since everything closed in 2020. In our library, there is a children’s area separated by doors so I don’t feel like we are interrupting the silence if (when) my people get crazy. It started out well and in my mind, I pictured an idyllic time reading board books with the youngest while the older ones quietly looked for books on their own. Nope. Deacon didn’t want to sit, Raegan tried to boss him around and make him read books she picked out. I broke a sweat following behind him putting books back in alphabetical order while explaining why we put books back where we found them. My alphabetical order speech fell on deaf ears I am fairly sure. Since we hadn’t been to the library in two years, these COVID kids asked why we put the books on the counter and I actually had to explain the checkout process. Jenna even asked why we have to bring books back! Hopefully we are getting back to normal events now! I am thankful to get back to doing stuff around town and meeting new people again.

I have always encouraged the girls in my small groups to use their realm of influence such as their town to show the love of Jesus to people around. Everyone has an influence unique to them! At this time in life, I may not travel to Israel like Kristi Mclelland but I certainly head to McDonald’s around the corner for an iced caramel coffee! Its absolutely my favorite treat! Since I get a coffee there on the way to ballet each Tuesday, I know the lady’s birthday through casual conversation and we were able to say happy birthday when it came. Super fun!

I am not always so great to create opportunities for this, but I was reading my Bible and came across Acts 28:30, which says, “Paul stayed two whole years in his own rented house. And he welcomed all who visited him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teach about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.” I love that the text includes that Paul entertained in his RENTAL house. How interesting is it that Paul included that particular adjective there to describe where he lived? I would love to buy a house but like a lot of people, am waiting for a good opportunity. I get so preoccupied with waiting for my own house, I forget to invite people over and use the one I have. Paul didn’t wait for a different time, different location, or different lodging. He served and taught where he was.

Opportunities happen so randomly. When I was writing devotions for Bible Express several weeks ago, it was a chilly, rainy day, and Crew and I perched in a corner of our local busy coffeeshop. A lady sitting next to me spoke and we chatted for a while until we traded cell phone numbers before she left. She has moved back to this area and rescues cats and finds them homes. She expressed a need for supplies for them so she can take care of them and any health needs.

In writing class, Ella Kate had an assignment to write letter to mom and dad requesting a service project to complete as a family. After I told her about the lady I met, she decided we could sew catnip pouches. We even found a bag of cat food for her while shopping for our own cats. We met her at the coffeeshop and Ella Kate and our friend were able to meet! We had so much fun giving her the catnip pouches we sewed. She sent a video of her cats playing with them. On a serious note, she sent a text asking her “prayer crew” to pray for her personally. My dad even sent her some supplies for her task. Love that.

We have been enjoying ballet so much and are getting ready for the spring performance of Coppelia. Raegan’s class is small with six girls in it and has been a sweet experience for the first year of ballet. I found enough ribbon scraps in my ribbons to make a pink bow for each of her friends. I am not usually a good gift giver, so it was really fun to surprise them with a happy at the last day of class. They all wore their pink hair bows into class. Is there anything sweeter than little girls in pink leotards and pink bows?

Where is your influence? You local Kroger? How do you find ways to share Jesus? I would love to be encouraged by hearing your stories! Have a wonderful week!



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