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Hello my dear friends, are you all doing alright? Some days are super sweet and everything goes smoothly, and sometimes a day is miraculous just by making it! As I sip my tea this early morning while everyone is (hopefully) still sleeping, I want to include a few helpful ways to maintain emotional health right now. I have been able to meet with clients again and I am thankful for that! I have truly missed them! One big topic that comes up is emotional health since our world has been drastically different the past several months…okay, all year basically.

People feel stressed, lonely, hopeless, overworked, underworked, depressed, anxious, sad, and sometimes a combination of all these. We want to alleviate some of these thoughts and practice some habits along with Scripture. I hope a few may be helpful to you if you feel any of these emotions.

Spend time with God.

Practice good time management. Develop a weekly routine and include the “have to’s” and the “want to’s” to arrange for both. Write it out on paper and begin a practice of it. It may need some adjusting which is normal, but it can allow time for both work and fun during the week.

Get plenty of sleep. Sleep sets the foundation for good decisions and coping abilities.

Eat fruits and veggies.

Drink water.

Spend time doing something enjoyable. Everyone needs a break from work. Bake, color, exercise, or whatever is pure fun.

Keep a journal.

Utilize your support system such as friends, family, online life groups.

Find humor. Watch funny animals or a silly movie.

Regular exercise. Bundle up and take a walk on a sunny day. The fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity is emotionally and physically healthy.

Practice positive. Retrain the brain to take a negative thought and make an effort to change it to something positive, no matter how small. Think Pollyanna’s Glad Game from the old Disney movie. I was reminded of that game when I complained as a child and I hated that, but it actually is quite beneficial!

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He Who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10:23

As I practice these habits and remember God’s goodness, I pray you have a wonderful peace-filled day. I have written out a new routine for myself each day and have been working on it this week. I have attempted to get up an hour earlier to get some alone time to check emails and write. Despite my worthy attempt, they all just got up an hour earlier so… yikes! Thanks Daylight Savings Time! I already hear the little people upstairs and it’s not quiet playing, it’s more like jumping and screaming. And so it begins…Let’s meet again soon!




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