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frost and family mottos

How is the weather where you are? You might need a warm beverage where you are as well. We have been catching snowflakes on our tongues and eating icicles! It is absolutely frigid compared to what I am used to! I am glad in cold weather our two kitties, Bumble and Noelle, come inside at night. There is nothing like a cat or two purring on a blanket on my lap! We have had a lot of inside time lately and I hear myself saying some of the same phrases many times a day.

We have some sayings around here that we have grown to love, like mottos. Sometimes I need reminders. If you are working from home, studying from home, teaching at home, these are sayings I have been told that might change you as well.

We don’t give up. We keep working until the job is done, not just until we are bored and tired of trying. You might be working in a college degree, mopping a kitchen floor, or finishing an online high school class, and it might be awfully tempting to throw it down and quit. Keep going until the task is done. It is worth it.

Theres always a way to figure it out. We try until we can get it done. We may have to try many different ways but we keep going until we figure out a way.

You can only control yourself. We are only responsible for our behavior, reactions, and choices and nobody else’s. We choose to do what is right not what is easy or what everyone else is doing. Any person with a brother or sister knows we would love to control him or her! We also know it is super satisfying in the moment to just slug someone instead of implementing self control! Although it feels good to take care of our own justice, it is best to control ourselves.

God is with you in the ditches. These ditches are painful and are the cause of tears and heartache. God is still there, even though we may have no idea why we are stuck in one. I had this conversation with my seven year old about this at the lunch table. She asked why God would not just take away this virus affecting everything in our country. I have no answer except that God knows what is best and for right now, we simply rest in our good Father’s love for us.

Everyone is valuable. I am no better than anyone else or any less important than anyone else. We will treat the person selling pest control at the front door the same as I would treat the pastor of my church. When we look at others, let us see the story of someone important that He created with a purpose, just like He created us. Be kind when you pick up your Wal-Mart groceries. Remember to thank the person who holds the door for you when you come up behind them.

What mottos do you have for yourself? What has changed the way you live your life? Stay warm out there where you are! Have a wonderful day and we will talk soon!




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