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Easter and baseball

It is baseball season! We have been to Little League games to support…the umpire! Yay! The sound of balls hitting off bats, the smell of fresh grass, and feel of grass on barefoot means spring is here! Hubby has not umpired since college and seminary, so it is a treat to watch games again, this time with six little people in tow.

I found a little baseball iron-on appliqué for $.49 so I could make Deacon a shirt! Yay! Thank you Hobby Lobby!

Spring also brings out a little extra bounce in our step! Skipping in a spring breeze reminds me of all the best of childhood and the joy God gives. Jenna and Raegan reminded me of it when we went for a walk this week. How God must love us to give us blue skies, fresh breezes, tulips, the color pink, legs to skip, and hands to hold!

It was a dark and stormy night… That is how all the best stories begin, right? Last night we had tornado warnings and went to the living room during the sirens. Brett had been umpiring a baseball game, but it ended early after lightning began. His car battery died at the field and he needed someone to jump the battery off to make it home before the rain, but could find nobody! One man even said he was sorry but he had to leave. Usually there is at least one person in a crowd who will stop to help, but not last night!

Sometimes life is tough and it seems like there is nobody around. Everyone is there at different times. This is Holy Week when we take time to reflect on what Jesus went through before he was crucified for our sin. He probably felt frustrated when His closest friends could not even keep their eyes open when He asked them to pray (Matthew 26). He must have felt sad and discouraged when one of His closest friends sold him out for money (Matthew 26)! He knew what He must do and was willing to face unfair punishment for you and me (Matthew 27).

When you feel lonely, remember He knew you when He hung on the cross and was mocked and humiliated (Matthew 27). When you feel discouraged, remember He knew your name, your personality, and had a plan for you life! He loves you that much! The greatest news ever is that He is not dead, He did rise from the dead! His power rolled the heavy stone away from the tomb, and He greeted the women that had come to visit the tomb, much to their surprise! Their Lord and Savior was alive just like He said it would happen (Matthew 28).

Have a happy Holy Week and read through Matthew 26 - 28 and remember what Jesus went through for us! He is a good God Who always keeps His Word. He died and is alive again so we do not have to endure the punishment we deserve. When you trust Him as your Savior, you will never be alone again. He loves you so much!

Brett did make it home safely after my mom drove to the field after church to help. He stopped by the store to pick up a new battery, and rushed in the door as the wind picked up. He found all of us watching the weather on the couches under blankets cozied up until the warnings stopped. Praise the Lord for safety and for what He did on the cross so many years ago. Happy Holy Week!



Easter reminds us that He makes all things new (Revelation 21:5), so we are reminded of this when we see flower blossoms, green grass, and baby animals like these baby goats! These sweet reminders help me keep in mind that one day everything will be made right. We saw these sweet furry friends at a local small store in town!


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