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Caterpillars and Cookies

It sure has been scorching hot weather here lately, but it did not stop Raegan and me from sitting under a tree after her well visit at the pediatrician. I make my best effort to schedule well visits separately so I can take each kid somewhere afterward and spend time with just them since it does not happen very often. She found a caterpillar and was fascinated with the furry creature and let it crawl all over her arm. I found one…in my hair…that fell out of a tree. Gross.

We have a fabulous pediatrician and have seen her since we moved here four years ago. On this particular visit, I asked her some questions about germs and sickness and she gave me Psalm 91:4 which says, “He will cover you with His feathers; you will take refuge under His wings. His faithfulness will be a protective shield.” She explained that we do not need to be afraid of every germ or illness that exists. She shared that when COVID first happened and there was not much information about it, she spoke this verse every day she went to her office to treat sick children with this illness.

I underlined this verse and dated it with her name in every Bible I use. I challenge you to read the rest of Psalm 91 in its entirety. God’s promise of protections is the best encouragement around. I love also that this verse is no limited to fear of illness or disease.

Children like Raegan fear the toilet (still working on this) and Ella Kate fears storms. When I was little, I did not really believe there were monsters under my bed, but just in case, I jumped out of my bed as far as I could, just in case there was something under there that might grab my ankles. What happens when fears are bigger than monsters under the bed?

What are some of your fears? What happens when my grown children make poor decisions? What if I lose my job? Will I ever feel like my life counts? Will I ever go anywhere in life? What if my health fails? What if I am rejected? What if I never get married? Why do I feel stuck in life? Anxiety and depression are real. I know personally and from clients I see in counseling.

I have memorized this verse and recite it every time I am afraid. It has helped tremendously because in the end, God is the only One Who can actually help. He is the One Who ultimately can protect me and calm my fears. Let it fill your heart with hope too.




We have not made chocolate chip cookies in a while, so I made up my mind to make a double batch of the soft gooey mounds of chocolatey goodness. After the measuring, pouring, mixing, and a few tears and fighting, we bagged some cookies to give to some neighbors we have not seen in a while. Delivering cookies is an excellent reason to take a walk, despite the sweat dripping down everyone’s backs. We were thankful for the clouds this week!

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, so I hope all the girls learn to love it as much as me. I used to read Nancy Drew under my covers with a flashlight when I was little and supposed to be asleep. My parents probably knew. Shhhh…

My aunt have me this gem recently. Apparently I have always loved cats and reading - and reading to cats - even back in the '80s!

We have also been visiting the library on Wednesday mornings since summer began. Fortunately this week, the check out process was actually calm and we looked put together. I literally break a sweat going through the library, trying to keep two-year-old Deacon from going rogue and climbing under empty shelves, helping Jenna pick books, and keeping Raegan from pulling every brightly colored book off the shelf. I try to explain we have to keep the books in a certain order, but nobody seems to mind! I also attempt to keep the stroller moving because no matter what I do, Krew always seems to get hungry and cry every time we go. I also wised up and shortened the time. Thirty minutes is about all we can do. No idyllic sitting in a circle together reading sweet books together like I envisioned. We just get the job done.

After a half-hour at the library, everyone needs a caramel coffee from McDonald's, right?

The first time we went, most of them had never been to the library since it had been closed for so long. As we began handing books to the librarian at the window to check out, Linley and Ella Kate fought over who could hand the books over, Raegan dropped hers all over the floor, Deacon slipped on them as he tried to walk over them, and Krew cried. As I reached for my library card in my wallet, all my gift cards fell out. Mom of the Year right here. Super embarrassing. I wish I had taken a picture, but I was in no state of mind for that at the moment. Thankfully, we have progressed and can act discreetly now.

We also went into Nashville on a work trip to LifeWay and stopped at a coffee shop. I know we are not the typical clientele so I hope we didn't bother the barista too much. We were the only ones there, so we enjoyed some coffee, hot chocolate, and the trendy atmosphere!


The look when you are told you can have cookies when you finish what is on your plate.


It’s time for new starts and with fall comes a new year of school! I am excited about beginning this Bible study in a book we don’t often read! Look at this study on Jude found here!

I love love love board books and this is on my top five list. Read it to some kids you know, grandchildren, or yourself. I am reminded of God’s power every time I read through this!

My summer attire is usually athletic shorts and an oversized t-shirt, so this headband adds some glam! Try a headband like this to dress up an outfit!


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