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blueberry scones

What a year this has been…I am finishing up an achievement test with my oldest and have treated myself to a blueberry scone that a lady from church had left over Sunday morning. It is worth waking up for that bit of buttery sugary goodness. I would love to share this with you! I need something to keep me awake during the achievement test time today. I am also reflecting on life and am caught in a week where the mundane aspects of life hit hard. Do you ever get the “blahs?”

So many people feel disconnected and see friends less often. Facts and Trends reports an overwhelming number of people feel isolated and lonely. In my life, it seems difficult to keep in touch with friends I used to see regularly. Many people are looking for connectivity and it just does not seem to be there. Depression is at an extremely high rate and people are not sleeping, so over-the-counter sleep aids are in high demand.

I have fallen in LOVE with the Old Testament. I, like many people, have more highlights and notes in the New Testament but I have learned to love the Old Testament with its daring heroes, stubborn Israelites, and miracles of God. I must keep in mind that all the people I read about are real! They had real minds, real hurts, real trials, real heartaches, and enjoyed some of the same parts of life like meals and family.

Joseph has been part of my quiet time lately. You really must check out his story beginning in Genesis 37. This guy had it rough! He was hated by all his brothers out of jealousy since he was their dad’s favorite kid. When Joseph was 17, he had dreams that he would lead his family and have a place above his brothers. They planned to kill him until they decided to just leave him in a pit and take the beloved coat their dad gave him, soaked in blood, and allow their poor dad to think Joseph had been mauled by a wild animal. They soon got greedy, so instead of being left in the pit, they sold him to a caravan headed to Egypt.

After arriving in Egypt, the caravan sold him to a guy named Potiphar, where he proved his dedication and dependability. Potiphar trusted him so much that he put Jospeh in charge of all his household and possessions. Potiphar really did not have to work at all! Troubles was never far from Jospeh, though, and soon Potiphar’s wife attempted to seduce him. To protect his boss, Joseph turned down his wife, yet she manipulated her embarrassing situation by reporting that Joseph had tried to seduce her! That was the end of the line there for Joseph and Potiphar had Joseph put in prison. Could it seem to get much worse for the guy?

During his prison stay, which was at least two years, he proved his dedication and dependability again, and was put in charge of the prisoners. Like Potiphar, the warden really had no need to work, since trustworthy Joseph ran it successfully. While in prison, pharaoh’s chief cupbearer and chief baker were put in prison and Joseph was made their personal attendant. They both had dreams, which no one was able to interpret. Joseph interpreted their dreams and gave credit to God. Joseph asked them to remember him when they were released from prison and get him out since he had done nothing wrong to be thrown in there. The chief cupbearer and chief baker were released as pharaoh planned his birthday celebration. Sadly, Genesis 40:23 says that the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph, but forgot him! Wow! How disheartening!

Two (long years) later, Pharaoh had a dream and, despite access to the best and brightest in Egypt, nobody could interpret it. Finally, the chief cupbearer remembered Joseph and told Pharaoh about him. Pharaoh sent for Joseph. Can you imagine how he felt? Did he jump in the air with a huge grin on his face? He might not have been able to calm himself down as he shaved and changed his clothes to prepare to meet Pharaoh! Joseph let Pharaoh know that he was unable to interpret dreams, but God Who would give an answer.

In this great narrative, God interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams which meant that seven years of prosperity would be followed by seven years of famine in Egypt. Joseph was finally exalted and put in charge of running the land for seven years of prosperity and save extra food to prepare for the seven years of famine. Keep reading because the REAL story gets even better!

Joseph’s life reminds me that God is always working even when I do not see it or feel it. God was faithful to Joseph wasn’t he? Joseph was 30 years old when he began to serve Pharaoh. If we do the math, he suffered tremendous amounts of frustration and been treated unfairly for about 13 years! A few of those years were spent in prison which he did nothing to deserve either! God NEVER forget Joseph. He does not ever forget us either. Are you in the middle of a season of prosperity? Are you in a season of pain? Maybe you are in a season of boredom. Wherever you are, God sees you.

It has been said that God does not waste your tears or pain. He will show Himself faithful even when life seems terrible. Has this year brought frustration? It sure has for me. Friends are difficult to stay in connection with when we do not see each other regularly. Products are out of stock. It is always a question if I will find the 40 ounce jar of reduced fat peanut butter in the store from week to week. We had this conversation in Kroger with someone just yesterday! Does anyone else stress out over the peanut butter? Trust me, we need every drop of that stuff! I have experienced death of my grandmother and even my brother’s beloved kitty. For all the 2020 baby mamas out there, we missed out on showing off the tiny outfits on the little infants because we had nowhere to go! I know some people who have a recent broken relationship. Some younger ladies feel stuck in their jobs and long for a career. Some days just feel like I can't win for losing! It is like my attempt at sewing these four "simple" pinafore dresses this week and I have used the seam ripper more than I have my sewing machine! Some days I just love a steamy shower at the end of the day so I can in a small way, wash the day off and start fresh the next! Some of you may wonder where life is headed and some of you precious ladies may just feel blah and that’s the only description you can come up with.

Be encouraged by Joseph’s story, sweet sisters. He waited years to see God’s plan clearly. Stay humble and watch God remain faithful. Praying for you!




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