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a girl's personal brand

I get to talk to a lot of girls in high school, college, and just beyond, you know the twenty-somethings. I enjoy all of these girls so much AND we do not get interrupted a million times by their toddlers spilling their drinks or older children asking questions (that’s me at this time in my life)! I am SO SORRY and thank you all for still talking to me despite the interruptions from my own little squad! I love hearing the excitement about life goals and spending time doing girly stuff!

I think of the girls I met through my husband’s training job with Chick-fil-A. I also think of the pre-rec coach Jenna and Raegan have at gymnastics. I love chatting with her about her life as I drop them off and pick them up. As if you are my little sisters, I would love to share some ways I would change or have done better in my own life. These of course are also applicable for us girls of any age! I think I will be working on some of these my whole life.

Work on your personal brand. You are responsible for how people think of you. Consider what you want to be known for. Are you on time or early? Do you return phone calls and text messages? Do you keep your word? Are people able to trust that you will do your very best with anything that is asked of you? Do you care about others? Are you selfless? Do you show the love of Jesus where you go? These may seem insignificant but really make a difference in careers and relationships. If someone can be trusted in small tasks, they can be trusted in bigger responsibilities.

Learn where you are gifted. What has God given you the love to do? What abilities has God given you? There is a great chance He will use these for His glory through you. He has chosen you for these tasks He created YOU to do!

Take some risks. If you are able, GO, SEE, and DO! This may be the best chance in life to take on the world! Participate in that internship, fly to that foreign country, or knock on the neighbor’s door in the apartment next to you. Look outward and see the world for how big it is and how you can reach people!

Open your eyes to others. It is super easy to focus only on yourself and work had at work, give time to friends, and shop. Nothing wrong with these and they are blessings, but there is an entire world out there with people who live differently (probably with less) than you do and also need to know Jesus. Do you pay attention to the missions opportunities? Do you subscribe to emails that inform you about what is happening around the world? Some great sites to go to include Samaritans Purse ( and the International Mission Board ( These organizations constantly engage other people groups with the message of Jesus while caring for their needs.

Refuse drama. Since I’m speaking to my “sisters” out there, let me just say it bluntly: If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it TO you. If someone will bash others, places, or things around you, know that you are not immune and they say the same negative statements about you at some point. Also, it’s not cute to be “that person” people run from because they know you bring drama and negativity. Refuse to give in. Be different.

Stuff is not all there is. I laugh to myself when I think about all the junk I accumulated in my twenties that I am minimalizing now! I did NOT need thirty dish towels or the many assorted Hannah Montana blankets I collected. Now, the Hannah Montana dvd collection I still own…and watch…Like my mama says, “Enough is as good as a feast.”

Give your time. If you love children, spend time leading children in a LifeGroup class or lead some games on a Wednesday night. Visit an assisted living facility. Those ladies are amazing and often have plenty of energy to share! My girls and I made cookies with some ladies at Christmas one year ago. We had a grand time eating the cookies and some ladies even showed us their bedrooms! They reminded me of dorm rooms and we had a blast walking the halls.

Commit. Commit to whatever it is you are doing. If you are on a team of any kind, get up, show up, and be there at every practice and every game. Be a girl of your word. Dependability shows maturity! If you volunteer with a student ministry, go to leader meetings without thinking you can get by without it. Be a team player and know you might learn something as well. Millennials have a reputation of being non-committal, so be the different girl, prove them wrong, and keep your commitments.

Enjoy this time of life God has given you! Take it in and embrace the joy and the difficulties. Much love to you.




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