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weekend ways to prepare for the week

I got it! I have tried it again this year! A small treat of warm, rich goodness despite the oddities of this year. Yes, the pumpkin spice latte is back. I am all about it. I know, some friends call me “basic” but I love it nonetheless. I am giddy every year it comes out, as it signifies cooler weather and fresh starts, but it means something a little more this year! Whether you love it or hate it, pumpkin spice, buffalo check, and crunchy leaves represent new and fresh..fall is coming!

I love fresh starts and I enjoy how each Monday is like a chance to give a new week a better go than the week before. After a busy weekend, especially when my hubby has worked most Saturdays for the past several years, Monday has become almost a break to me. I actually delight in a Monday! For those who dread Mondays, getting up early, beginning a new week of classes, or work, preparing can at least provide a sense of readiness to greet a new week. For me, the following is a compilation of ways I prepare during the weekend to ready myself for a new week ahead. Nobody delights in beginning a week feeling behind! This weekend, give the following ideas a try to create a sense of peace, if not enthusiasm, about a new week ahead:

create a list of tasks that must be done. This helps prioritize projects big and small. Tasks are more likely to be completed when they are actually written and not just floating in the mind. Without a list, tasks may not see completion. When life happens, it is easy to forget about duties. Lists also incorporate a bonus with being able to cross tasks off the list. Boom!

plan meals. Evenings are considerably more relaxing when supper time requires no thought. Pulling out some leftovers (I call them scraps at my house) or simply pulling out the ingredients to throw a meal together is much more peaceful and eliminates stress during the week. Where to put this list you ask? I keep a chalkboard for the week in the kitchen.

pick up groceries for the week. The day and time of grocery pick up has evolved over the years, but I typically do groceries on Friday so I can chop veggies or boil eggs for the next week over the weekend. I have found if I only order once per week, it helps me save money since I do not go to the store for food outside of this once per week event. Obviously, sometimes this has to change and I have to find an essential item at a different store, but overall, it is a time and money saver to order only once each week.

rest. Start the week well by going to bed on time or early on Sunday night. Feeling rested sets the week up for success. Use this energy to tackle the upcoming week.

fresh air. Play outside, walk the dog, pet the cat, swing on a swing. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the peace provided by outside.

spiritual refreshment. No doubt, God is the true Source of hope and encouragement. Beginning the week in church gives a push toward help and hope for the coming week. There is something about giving Sunday to the Lord that encourages and inspires. I suppose that is why God’s Word commands us to honor the day of rest and worship of God. Even when I feel tired and it would be easy to sleep in, I always feel more energized and ready for Monday when I have made the effort to get up, attend worship, and give the time to God.

write upcoming dates on a calendar. We are visual people and live in a visual culture. Seeing dates on a calendar helps to plan for any kind of date approaching. Looking at the week’s agenda with due dates, doctor appointments, and social events helps with time management, which is the key to be able to enjoy each experience without rushing and stressing.

laundry load. Overflowing baskets of laundry is not only an eyesore but a source of stress through visual clutter. Do that laundry load and begin the week without having to feel behind and rush to get clean clothes needed for the week. Nobody has time to look for a leotard for gymnastics, realize it is in the dirty clothes basket, but is needed NOW because class starts in an hour! Empty baskets are a huge sense of accomplishment! They are not always empty at my house, but it is a goal anyway! The laundry room also smells better when the baskets are empty too! Bonus!

Whew! I will take any hints on ways to simplify life and these have personally helped me tremendously. I know myself and I will forget items or tasks if I have no system or rhythm. These simple ways of life save time and money in addition to providing some mental health as well. What ways have you found to ready yourself for a new week? I always love to hear new ways to improve, so I wish each one of you could come over and we could sit on the back patio together! Enjoy a cup of piping hot pumpkin spice and let’s meet up again soon!



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