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not today, lions

Hello there friends! Has school or college begun again for you? Maybe you have little ones who have begun a new season of learning. We started school again last week, so we are getting used to a new school schedule once again. Whew! I am still figuring it out as I balance schoolwork, laundry, five little people, meals, and trying to do some things just for fun that I enjoy! How are you managing lately?

At home, we have been learning about Daniel from the Old Testament, who most of us know, was thrown into a lions’ den. When we look closely at the story in Daniel chapter six as adults, there is so much to gain from his experience. This guy was the real deal.

Daniel was a friend of King Darius, however, people around Daniel were jealous of him and his position, so they watched him in attempt to catch him doing something wrong. Daniel did what was right and followed God, so they had trouble getting him in trouble. These rulers of King Darius convinced the king to make a law that the people could only pray to him, the king, for 30 days.

When the law went into effect, they caught Daniel doing the right thing and praying to God. Just as he always had, he went to his upper room in his house in Jerusalem three times a day to pray and thank God. The rulers were able to report him and get him in trouble. This sounds like something that could happen today! King Darius did not even want Daniel to be punished, but the law was a law, so poor Daniel was put in with the lions.

Daniel was probably terrified. I wonder how tough it was to make the decision to pray to God instead of just going with the law and obeying it for 30 days, then moving on. He chose to do what was right and it cost him. Daniel did not compromise to culture and made prayer a daily part of his life (Daniel 6:10).

I can imagine Daniel did a LOT of praying as he faced the adversity of the lions. King Darius slept little that night as his friend was in the den of lions. He fasted and could not sleep. Most of us also remember that the great part of this narrative is that God closed the mouths of the lions so they never hurt obedient Daniel (Daniel 6:22). The next morning when King Darius went to check on his friend Daniel, he had him taken out of the den, uninjured. For those of us who love justice, we can appreciate that those rulers who maliciously accused Daniel were exposed for what they had done, and thrown into the den of lions themselves. Wow.

King Darius seemed to be needing proof that Daniel’s God is the one true God. People today also look for proof that God is God. Sometimes I feel the need to see God work or remember what He has done in my life and be reassured He still is Who He says He is. Are you asking the same question?

Regarding Daniel, he chose to follow God no matter what. He never compromised his beliefs, even a little. In a world that openly defies God, it is important for Christ-followers like Daniel, to live obedient lives. Why does it matter if we follow God? We are commanded to, and in the end, God’s way is always the best way, so when we trust God, we can trust Him for every result. Not only is it best for us, it shows the world the difference Jesus makes. It sure is easy to follow God when nothing is on the line, but when Christians struggle with adversity as Daniel did and still love and follow God, it shows the world the hope only Jesus gives. This is the biggest way to demonstrate Christ to a world looking for hope and encouragement.

We can all use some encouragement now, so let us allow Daniel’s story to instill some light in our often dark and heavy current world. After Daniel was safely released, King Darius wrote,

“For He is the living God, and He endures forever; His kingdom will never be destroyed, and His dominion has no end. He rescues and delivers; He performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth, for He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions” (Daniel 6:26-27). God is still powerful today as He was for Daniel!



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