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Hello! I’m currently hearing the Puppy Dog Pals theme song…for the bazillionth time! You know, if it keeps these crazy girls from fighting or jumping off a couch for a few minutes, then so be it. I will take the calm and quiet in this hotel room.

The hubby was asked to come train an influx of new workers at a Chick-fil-A in St. Louis and we were invited to join! Since life is rather…mundane, shall we say, at the moment, there is no better time to get a change of scenery! We have been visiting a hotel, taking walks, feeding the geese by the pond, and swimming in the pool. Two weeks in a hotel seems like a lengthy amount of time but it surely is an adventure! I bet we will remember it as one of the noteworthy memories of life as the seven of us share a queen bed, pull-out couch, pack’n’play, and floor pallet each night!

While here, we are thinking ahead toward school, which I always welcome, along with cool breezes, autumn leaves, and jewel-toned colors. With this in mind, I believe it is super helpful to feel put together when leaving home and running to the store. Since we have not had many places to go lately, I have really slacked on any makeup and dressy clothes. Our friends at the Chick-fil-A drive-through have seen the real me through this spring and summer! With fall coming and new beginnings, it always feels good to feel good! After talking with professionals and friends, there are some simple ways to feel put together when stepping out the door!

Wear solid colors. Particularly professional colors, such as black, olive, and navy, look put together even when you did not spend time putting on a full makeup face. Black always feels dressy even when paired with jeans! There are reasons they are called black tie events!

Stay properly groomed. These words might sound like something a grandma might use, but this definitely helps! Keep your nails trimmed or in good shape. I love the feeling of painted glossy nails, but I rarely paint my own, as I hate chipped nails. Just keeping them trimmed even without polish will help you look more polished overall, though! Win! Tweeze those stray eyebrow hairs quickly each morning. This will help give a boost of confidence when running out the door in a hurry!

Keep the hair clean. When I was close to birthday time for each newborn baby, those five times, I began washing my hair each night just in case that was the night to get to the hospital for baby time! It worked well since since I ended up with clean hair each time I went to the hospital! Even if the curling iron stays put away while just around the house, having clean hair will enable you to pull it back in a simple bun if you need to run out for a quick errand, attend a college class, or happen to see a neighbor at the mailbox!

Wear some lipstick. I laugh at this because when I was in high school, lipstick really was not a thing, so I never paid much attention to lipstick. My two sisters and I laugh to this day that our mom said we “looked ill” and had “no lips” when we do not wear lipstick. Lately, though, it has become one of my favorite items of makeup, next to mascara. It instantly gives some cheery color to the face and a bit of brightness to avoid the “breadface” look. It looks like someone spent time to apply makeup even if there is no foundation on the skin. I like the matte ones these days that look natural and stay all day! Ain’t nobody got time to keep applying lipstick, right?

Take care of clothing and shoes. Get rid of worn and torn items. I have my favorite “holey” shirts or ones with bleach spots, but not to wear out when trying to feel put together. Wearing neat clothing and shoes that do not look like they were run over by a truck help to look neat and appropriate.

Wear jeans. I know, I know my Nike shorts are comfy too, and I wear them just about every summer day. In the winter time I love my leggings, especially the camouflage ones for “dressy” days at home, but better options exist for a put together feel. Have a pair of jeans that are comfortable and look nice to throw on quickly when necessary. Jeans provide a structured look, so they look like way more of an attempt was made than was actually required. Yay! In warm weather, an easy sundress works great as well! I love maxi dresses because they cover everything, I can sit on the floor without revealing everything, are easy to wear, and provide a look ready for anything.

Wear fancy shoes. I do not prefer pumps most days, especially when I am carrying a kid strapped to my chest and usually a kid on the hip, and holding three other hands…somehow…just to get them into the vehicle. Pumps are also not super practical for walking across campus at college or strolling through the aisles at Kroger, so other shoes work nicely too. I love my strappy nude platform sandals. They look suitable and can be worn with pants or dresses but are way more comfy than other alternatives. I can walk normally without taking tiny steps and getting blisters on my heels. Find something that fits you!

Wear a smile. Smiles create an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. They attract others and give an approachable vibe. Girls who smile truly are the prettiest. Also, psychologically proven, a smile creates those feelings on the inside that accompany the look on the outside. Smile even when life is frustrating or disappointing. The physical action of smiling helps genuinely lift the spirits on tough days!

I hope these ideas help motivate you to feel your best and a little more put together. I need reminders like this occasionally when life has been a little boring or disappointing, especially the past few months. Some days it is just difficult to dress a little better or actually fix my hair more than a messy bun, but we can do it even without an incredible amount fo effort! I pray your days are full of refreshing encouragement and peace as we experience new beginnings again this year! God bless each one of you! Talk soon!



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