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my best second daughter

Hello again! How are your days this week? I am attempting to prepare for school, trying to change the days up to differentiate one from the other. I feel the need to rearrange my entire house to give a fresh view to each day. I hear many people rearranging their houses these days! I get it! Apartments and dorm rooms might get face lifts too this time of year! Ella Kate is currently praying for an "underground pool," which I am all for. Sounds like a wonderful request to me! I have always wanted a pool in my backyard! Speaking of Ella Kate, this is her birthday month and she just turned six. I feel like I am too young to have a six-year-old, but here I am! In the spirit of celebration, the following is a letter to Ella Kate as a light-hearted way to conclude July of 2020.

To Ella Kate, my second-born,

You were not the first, this is true, but I was just as excited to meet you, my bundle of joy and excitement! I could not wait to love another girl and dress you in dresses and bows too! From the beginning you were not like your older sister and I love that about you. Many of your clothes have been worn before, but you are just as important as if you were the first. I am more confident in my skills with you since I have seen each stage once before. I seem to have a bit more patience with you, as I am seeing challenges I am more equipped to handle the second time around. You may be the second child, but to me you are the FIRST Ella Kate and my BEST second daughter!

You have the most mesmerizing ice-blue eyes and are super photogenic, so I love taking your photos!

Your spontaneous hugs in the middle of a meal are…messy from spillage sometimes, but always welcome.

I love that even on the most ordinary day, you tell me it was the “best day ever.”

When I think of you, I think of your bright blue eyes, your gigantic smile, and your wide open arms ready for hugs.

Your are simply the most giving person I know! You share your last piece of candy without hesitation!

Thank you for giving me the stickers off your bananas. You share what is important to you and even in that small gesture, I know you gave the best you had.

You are happy just enjoying the moment with no cares or concerns for tomorrow. I love that you will watch an ant crawl for hours or be happy just digging in the dirt. I believe that kind of contentment is a God-given gift and I pray you hang on to it. God loves that kind of faith.

Our learning styles are different, so while I would rather do bookwork and study, you require games and interaction. It is a challenge, but a positive one that keeps me thinking and connects me to you. Please know I did my best when you think back on your school days at home!

You are a firecracker, so it makes sense that for your birthday, we were at the hospital on Independence Day. At times, our will collide, but I have been stubborn for more years than you and I will not give in and let you be less than your best. Remember, I have a strong will too. I pray that God will tame your dogged determination and the feisty fight in you will be used in great tasks for His glory someday.

I know you hate it when I make you fold your clothes and put them away…nicely…but it is truly because I care and want you to apply your best to everything you do, even just laundry.

Don’t let anyone tear you down and tell you that you can’t do something. It’s a lie and if God calls you to it, He will give you what you need to make it happen.

Thank you for the reminder to slow down and take a minute to…enjoy life. Instead of rushing, I love that sometimes we just take our time to get to the next activity.

Hold out for a hero. Let no boy ever make you feel less than worthy. God created you exactly as He planned and thinks you are beautiful and gifted - as do I.

Allow your determination and stubborn spirit keep you going when you feel like quitting. Let that personality say no even when pressured. Make wise choices.

You tell me that you will come visit me after you move away and I will hold you to that. We can still dress American Girl dolls and I will still braid your hair.

Always watch Christmas movies any time of year with me. When Calls the Heart will also be on our watch list.

Always keep your arms open for hugs and don’t let the world allow bitterness to creep into your precious light-hearted soul. People will be mean and hurt you, and for that I am sorry ahead of time, but don’t be afraid to love people. Your unhindered love is God’s gift for you to give to others!

There will be mean girls out there, no doubt, but stay content with loyal, kind friends. A few good friends are better than a stadium full of fake friends.

Always request Alexa to play “Up Above the Northern Lights” by Manheim Steamroller simply because I love the song.

No matter where you go or what you do, I am so tremendously proud of you! Know that you can always call me mommy, even in just a whisper when nobody else is around.

For now, I will rub your back when you are sick. I will teach you academics and beyond. I will call you out when it is necessary so you can learn to make good choices on your own someday. I will check behind you to make sure you complete your chores…to your best ability. I will always tell you the truth. I will make sure you look and feel your best. I will do my very best to be at every important event in your life and support you all the way. I am truly thankful God gave me you. You tell me I am the best mommy ever, even though I make so many mistakes, but know you will always be my best Ella Kate. I love you Ella Cakes!



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