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backyard joy

Hello! So many of you have put your toes in the sand at a beach or walked under water falls in the mountains! We have…put our toes in the mud of the backyard and I have climbed under the roof of our playhouse! What is keeping you out of the heat of these muggy summer days? We have worked on VBS GO these three days and have attempted to make the best of the home version of this summer event everyone looks forward to. I was excited about the chocolate pudding dirt cups complete with gummy worms we had for the snack to go along with yesterday’s Bible lesson! Yum!

I want to write about something light and fun today! It seems so much in the world is heavy and serious and we can all use laughter and smiles to remember the JOY we still have! I have been thinking about some fun stuff or aspects of our days that are fun and we enjoy. I am going to share them with you in hopes it begins you thinking about the fun stuff happening in your world right now.

The sound of the wind chimes when the wind blows on the back patio.

Fierce afternoon storms when I get to see the dark clouds begin rolling in from the front yard.

Cats lying on their back, belly up to cool off in the living room.

Hallmark Christmas movies in July.

Chick-fil-A drive through trips to see my people.

FaceTime with my far-away sister.

How I know my mom will almost always answer a phone call (even though you never call me first - I know you’re reading this!)

(Rare) afternoon quiet times when everyone is at least quiet and I have a few minutes to myself.

Listening to Group1 Crew in my AirPods while working out…and sometimes taking it back to Backstreet Boys.

Talking to neighbors in the backyard.

Exhausting bike rides/stroller rides together that leave us drenched in sweat.

Receiving packages on the front porch - online shopping is “where it’s at” these days.

Watching my girls interact and sing with their LifeGroup leaders each Sunday morning.

Watching my boy grin.

Coming inside and getting baths early, sitting on the couch with wet hair and pajamas, watching a Disney princess movie while waiting for Daddy to get home from work.

When my toenail polish is shiny and bright pink.

Watching scary movies with my nearby sister and her man.

Putting a deep conditioning treatment on my hair.

Taking all five littles to the pool.

Baking treats…and lots of them.

Making crafts and goodies for people.

Text messages from people I have not been able to see recently.

Fresh sheets day.

Attempting to sew.

My feet on a freshly steamed wood floor.

Playing American Girl dolls…we are never too old for that.

Feeling exhausted every night I go to sleep…I understand once again I am still alive and well and God is still good.

What makes your days bright? What are you glad to see or do each day? I hope you are seeing JOY in your life today and finding ways to celebrate life! Talk to you soon!



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