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ladies, lashes, and lipstick

Hey ladies! How are we this week? We have been moving Baby Boy out of our room and for now, is in a room with two sisters, who are more than thrilled to have a little buddy with them. He is going to be bossed beyond belief in a few years…or fewer! Speaking of ladies, does it seem like the term “lady” has a negative connotation lately? I catch myself leaning toward synonyms like weak or insecure when I think of “ladies.” Hmmmm… We were CHOSEN to be ladies. God has a purpose for each of us in this world as a lady. Let me explain why “lady” is quite the honor.

A lady is kind and gracious.

She is tough in a way that enables her to push through hindrances and hardships.

She exercises manners and answers please and thank you.

People want to be around her because she makes people feel better when they leave her presence than when they arrived.

She works hard with whatever task she is given - little or big.

A lady chooses to do right because she knows God sees those details even when others may miss it.

People are encouraged when around her, since she can confidently complement others out of her God-given confidence in who God created her to be.

She makes decisions with assurance, believing God is guiding each step taken.

She embraces her femininity and has fun playing dress up and getting dressed up, but avoids the extreme of self obsession.

She is tough - sticks with God even when life makes no sense.

Goals help her persevere and chase the dreams God gave her.

She can rock the false lashes and lipstick but can also get dirty scrubbing toilets.

A lady is a voice for the voiceless and fights for those who cannot.

She sits with the girl who sits alone at lunch.

She takes pride in herself enough to save her most hidden self for her husband.

A lady respects the person cleaning the restaurant restroom as she respects the CEO of her company.

She is kind to people who can do nothing for her.

Others are on her mind more than herself.

She spends time with God each day even when she feels like sleeping in.

She has sore knees from praying for her family, friends, and world.

She is not too proud to laugh at herself.

She is innocent, yet wise at the same time.

Her head is high as she deals with discouragement and difficult days because she knows God’s plans are always good.

She chooses whom she shares her mind with wisely while holding nothing back to show love to people in the world.

She knows what is happening in the world in order to pray and help, yet avoids living in fear as she trusts God with the circumstances instead of giving into fear and doubt.

A lady walks with her head high and shoulders back because she knows who she is in Christ and it does not depend on what anyone else thinks. She knows she answers to God alone.

She demonstrates peaceful countenance because she knows God is in control.

Being a lady is a gift and the world needs who God created YOU to be! Let’s be ladies who reflect the strength of Jesus and the love He gives. People notice the difference He makes since His character is contrary to our natural tendencies.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Galatians 5:22-23.

While I fail (some days more miserably than others), we are all called to reflect the character of Christ in all we do and say. For those who know me in person, you know life can get crazy in our house! Bickering, messes, disobedience, exhaustion, pain, hurt, disappointments, household tasks…it all adds up to create some bad days. Even right now, a two-year-old is crumpling our indoor s'mores recipe, spinning around in the desk chair next to me, and unintelligibly asking for something! I have to laugh and some days I simply collapse into bed and thank God for His unending grace. Praise God for His mercy that is new each day (Lamentations 3:23). He sees you there and He loves you, lady!



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