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making decisions and God's will

So many people wonder how to know God’s will and how to know what the “right choice” is. It can be terrifying to make choices, especially ones that have a major impact on life such as a college major, boyfriend, job, place to live, and even which color to paint a room!

People end up in frozen paralysis, terrified they will make a “bad” decision and wander aimlessly for the rest of life! Sweet girls, rest in the peace of God!

God doesn’t waste an experience. Even when we feel choosing a job, date, or whatever the case may be, was a poor choice, He is there to lead us and use those experiences.

I am thinking specifically of those girls choosing colleges right now or those ladies looking for employment at this time. More than ever, these decisions are confusing to make with all of the uncertainties of a virus interrupting all areas of “normal” life. Some of you are rethinking college choices due to changes of college life with classes going online and other unbelievable adjustments.

How in the world do we discern God’s will so we can follow? How do we know if God is the one opening an opportunity or if the Enemy is creating a way to distract us from God’s will? How do we know if God is preventing an opportunity or if the Enemy is simply standing in the way to block us from something great God has planned?

Let’s remember that God is sovereign. Webster’s adjectives for this word include unlimited, unrestricted, boundless, unconditional, principal, ruling. We must understand that God is in control ultimately and nothing that happens in the world or anything the Enemy does will thwart God’s plans - it will not happen (Job 42:2).

God already wins. He wins in the end and He has already won your battles today! He is not taken by surprise and He is already prepared for what is to come. Nothing the Enemy does will keep God from using it for His glory and to fulfill His purpose. He is actively involved in His creation and moves in the everyday world daily, even when it seems absolutely mystifying.

The main point here is that we cannot always know, we will not always know, and we do not necessarily need to know as long as we are committed to follow our God in faith. We can sleep better at night knowing that no matter where we choose to go or what we choose to do, God will always be right there to keep us safe in His will for His glory. Whether He will use a deterrent from the Enemy or if He uses a door flung open for us to run through, He will use it for His plan and His purpose.

I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I made fun of them, but really secretly wanted to wear that cute skirt and tumble for crowds. After years of gymnastics and ballet, I decided to try out for cheerleading at my school for senior year. I was up against girls who had been in competitive club cheerleading for years and I showed up without any experience such as that. I ended up not making the boys varsity team. I claimed I would not cheer senior year if not on the boys varsity team because, really, what senior wants to cheer for girls basketball? No offense to girls basketball! I had several friends on the team, but you know what I mean! After listening to my parents, my church small group leader, and a church friend, I cheered anyway. It was a bit embarrassing on game days to wear the girls varsity uniform with freshmen, while all the other senior girls wore a more prestigious one BUT through my experience on that specific team, I learned how to stunt. The girls on the other team were more experienced so I never would have had the opportunity to learn so much had I made the other team. Since I worked out with freshmen, I was able to have the time to practice and learn, which at the end of senior year, allowed me to make a competitive college team and win some national competitions!

Life also does not always have such immediate great endings, and sometimes we may never know why we are led a certain direction or why we experienced a difficult time. As an adult, my husband was a student pastor at a church we knew for sure we were called to and loved everything about it. After two years, a new pastor came and wanted to bring in his own staff, which left us to figure out what to do. We stayed two more years, but could not withstand the situation anymore as it became difficult to serve knowing we were not wanted. After many tears and prayers, we decided to leave and search for other employment opportunities. The only job that opened was with Chick-Fil-A so, even though we lost half the salary, we decided to become a Chick-Fil-A family and work with students through the restaurant industry. It seemed to be a clear opening from God. It broke our hearts to leave the church we loved so very much. We had baby showers, student parties, camps, wonderful student parents, VBS, and just hanging out with families. Some of the members were in the room for the birth of our girls! We had seen students grow and thrive with God and inspire others at church and school. We were broken for sure but could not survive there anymore.

To this day, I know I left a piece of my heart there and I smile when I think about memories there. I still love the people and the place. I will always be thankful God moved us there and wonder if it was God moving us on or if the Enemy removed us to prevent ministry from happening. We suffered financially and emotionally through it all. No understanding of why really angers me, as it does many of you.

We are still a Chick-Fil-A family and have no more understanding of why it happened the way it did today, than we did when we left. I love happy endings - for life to make sense and feel a sense of resolution all tied with a bow. Life is not always so neat and organized. I do know that God is orderly and His purpose will always be accomplished no matter what. Maybe we will have more understanding and see more clearly one day why we left that beloved place and maybe we will not ever know. I must trust that since God is in charge, the Enemy cannot hinder God’s plan and will for my life.

Even if it is the Enemy who closes a door, God will use that. God will always win. Even Paul experienced a closed opportunity when he desired to go to Thessalonica in 1 Thessalonians 2. He expressed that the Enemy hindered him in 1 Thessalonians 2:18, although Paul believed it was God’s will to go. God works through all these situations, even when we feel we need to be somewhere and it falls through.

Jobs, people, locations, and relationships will not always work out the way we have planned. Our plans often get disrupted and we are left wondering what to do or where to go. Regardless of where we land, God will always use us for His glory and His purpose. It is at these times, we can trust our good Father has us and the rest of the world in control. He made us and loves us. His plans are always good. So, make the next small step, asking God for His direction, knowing in faith He will never let you go.

I pray this helps you in your plans for your lives, friends. Proceed with confidence. He is working through every circumstance in you lives and He is good.

All the forces of darkness cannot stop what God has ordained.

Isaiah 14:27



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