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bare feet and sprinklers

Hey there, friend! I am sitting with some thoughts with my green tea this morning. How are you beginning your day? Two little people here are up and the other three will wake soon, so this moment of semi-tranquility will not last long! So let’s go!

I love the freedom of being an adult. I love going to bed when I feel like it, eating when I want to, and going where I want to go. Now that I can choose all these, I go to bed early, stuff some food in when I can, and am really fine with being at home!

I miss being little, though. I LOVED childhood. I mean, I stayed in trouble for trying to do what I wanted to do, but the feeling of exploring the world, dreaming big dreams, and learning how much God loves me and how His plans are good has left its mark. I loved being old enough to read, spend hours outside in the afternoons, young enough to play dolls, and not being quite old enough for the real mean girl stuff. I loved history and dolls, so I stayed in a world of American Girl and loved my Molly! My brother and I had a stuffed animal club, where we packed all of our stuffed animals on my bed, named all of them, and made up stories about them. What did you enjoy when you were little?

I had some good memories in high school, but would probably never choose to relive it. College was great, and I miss having friends to see everyday and opportunities to go, see, and do at every turn. I hate math, so I celebrated the day I finished my first college math class and never had to take a math class again! Joy is found in the small victories! If you are in college now, soak up and make the most of every opportunity the Lord gives! Enjoy the cafeteria food that is prepared for you and the dishes that are washed by others. I miss that since I am now responsible for meal preparation, shopping, cooking, and worst of all, cleaning it up, putting it away, all to do over again!

I love toddlers and Raegan currently at two years old makes me take a few moments longer to stare at the ladybug and let her crawl across my hand, swing on the swing while looking at the sky, creating that falling feeling, and picking dandelions on walks. God made some amazing creations that we forget about!

I love people, but also am super task-oriented at the same time, so I always have some kind of list going on in my head and am thinking ahead about everything that needs to happen in a day. I really have to work to slow down and make the most of opportunities each day. Lately, with the weather finally becoming warmer, we have spent time outside more. Barefoot is best, I say. Swinging, eating lunch on the patio, and chasing cats is the best part of the day. We have also begun bike/stroller rides on sunny afternoons. Besides the fights that break out over who is in front, and near rolling bikes into oncoming neighborhood traffic, these are fantastic moments I love. I hope the girls (and boy) remember them with endearment one day too. I am thankful for small victories and small amusements, which really turn out to be the best and biggest! The following include some joys I love:

Feeling the concrete patio in my bare feet.

Smelling freshly cut grass.

Freezing cold sprinklers to jump through.

Hearing the sound of lawn mowers in the distance.

Leaving the back door open.

Pink knockout roses in the front flower bed.

Hearing the squeak of the swings on the playset.

Petting the fluffy cats as they sleep curled up outside.

Bright blue skies that make it feel good to be alive.

Puffy white clouds rolling by.

Watching the robin try to fly to our kitchen window…every single day.

Feeling the wind against my face.

Wearing nike shorts and an oversize tee shirt.

Stroller and bike rides with tennis shoes on.

Blowing bubbles on the front stoop.

What are you loving right now? Even if you are super busy, just trying to make it through the day, a college student missing dorms, friends, and classes, or a mom of grown children, staying busy with hobbies, take some time for the gifts God has given. Walk wisely and make the most of the time we are given.

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

Ephesians 5:15-16



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