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peanut butter and jelly

Godliness with contentment is great gain…What does this mean?

How do people post pictures of giving their kids gifts like tickets to a big city vacay and I’m sitting here like, I don’t even buy Uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwiches bc I can spread the peanut butter and jelly on bread cheaper? Dang it, it would be so much easier to just unfreeze the sandwiches and toss them onto plates. I mean, I gotta get out the bread, the peanut butter, unscrew the lid, squeeze some jelly, use a knife that I will have to later wash, and spread it around, not to mention cut the sandwich into triangles…ain’t nobody got time for all that…

Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but honestly, I wonder about my own life sometimes. Right now, people are struggling in different ways than they ever thought they would. I admit, I am getting a little wary with five littles at home. I was looking forward to taking Baby Boy to the park and seeing friends here in town until we have to take a break from normal life for a time. We are super thankful he still has a job training those serving up the waffle fries at Chick-fil-A (drive-through only for now), but on the other hand, my husband’s hours are longer than ever. It gets a little lonely sometimes trying to get everything done alone. I have a crying infant in my lap right now, in fact!

I would love to be able to be the cool mom who jumps on a jet and flies to Disney World for the weekend…or even just to the mall. I have been wanting to go to Aspen for years now…I digress…I would love to be able to provide fun like that, but it is not always possible. Maybe this is when I need to focus on Christ Himself and what I DO have instead of what I DO NOT have.

There are people who walk miles for water everyday while I turn the faucet and get a hot shower every night. I do not witness people going though this in my everyday, so I often forget the other precious souls of the world. Material stuff is not what corrupts, but the need for more to feel complete does. Paul writes this letter to Timothy, explaining that we can only find contentment when we focus on the eternal. I am working to keep a humble heart and simply be loved by my Heavenly Father. I am so glad He listens to my needs and cares about all my cries and concerns.

Right now, we will thank the Lord for His many blessings like health, a table to sit at, beds to sleep in, and clothes to wear. When we stop to think, He is good. If He decided to quit blessing us right now, He would have already blessed us more than we deserve through His gift of Jesus. I am thankful He continues to bless and provide. When life is rough, we can praise Him while we wait. I will praise the Lord from my house right here in Tennessee. I am going to head outside to join the girls and spot some backbends. Who needs Aspen anyway, right?

1 Timothy 6:6



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