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faithful in fear

Every year I am still amazed at the faith of Mary. This girl was super young, as in between 12 and 14, and was told she would be the mother of God’s Son! At fourteen, I was simply trying to make it through freshman year of high school and avoid looking like a klutz and a nerd. This young lady was spoken to by an angel named Gabriel who told her to “Rejoice, favored woman! The Lord is with you” (Luke 1). Luke 1:29 states that she was “deeply troubled by this statement, wondering how this was possible since she was only engaged and not yet married. Imagine trying to communicate to a fiancé about expecting a baby and the little one is God’s Son! Wow! Mary’s response was obedient and faithful despite her fear and trepidation. She was super young yet super faithful to God’s plan for her.

She was faithful even in fear. Mary trusted God and His sovereignty over her life. Do I do that? Often, I question God and His plan, wondering if this time He will come through. Although He has remained faithful in every other situation, when a new challenge arises, I wonder if He will take care of me again.

What challenges are you experiencing right now? Mary trusted God even through anxiety and stress, without knowing the future. What situations have you been thrown into, left wondering what to do and how to make it? Later in the chapter, Mary praised God for choosing her and proclaims how blessed she is. Praise is not always my first response when stress arises! How captivating it is to read about Mary each Christmas season and experience her story in a new way each time!

Whatever you are experiencing this moment, know that God has you and will take care of you. I always tell my girls at home that God’s plan is always for our best even when it makes no sense or is not working the way we choose. He is the source of the greatest comfort and the only source of true hope. May you feel His love and closeness this Christmas season as we rejoice in His Son Who was born to rescue us from our sin and bring hope to the world, even in our sin. Praise be to God!

I am going to finish this tea and haul the wrapping paper box out of the garage and up the stairs to my closet. I have work to do so I can put some final packages under the tree. I hope to enlist a few elves for the muscle work! God bless your day, friends.



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