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My favorite time of year is coming! I feel it! Well, only in my mind, it still feels like summer outside, but I know the crisp fall air and smell of pumpkin and apples is coming! Time for school! I have days where I miss going back to school? Do you ever find yourself missing the excitement of new teachers, books, and pencils? Maybe you are a student yourself, so graduating is the adventure you are looking forward to!

In the spirit of school, I have put together a few personal resources of my own home education favorites for you to look at for yourself! A few others I have heard about and will include those as well. Enjoy some hot tea and enjoy the read!

Legal resources:

Homeschool laws are in place to protect parents and also be sure students are learning according to state standards. The Home School Legal Defense Association is a wise organization to become a member of. They provide many resources including lawyers who focus on homeschool law and are even homeschool parents. They also provide personal advice and consultants to assist families in the homeschool years. The website can be found at

Homeschool laws according to state:

HSLDA includes a page for homeschool laws according to each state and can be found here.


My favorite as a home educator and what I used as a student is from Abeka. I have only the highest praise for this Biblically-based, academically-solid curriculum. The website is found at

For those who want to browse all the options, the top 100 homeschool curriculums are listed at the website.

For Tennessee residents, Tennessee Virtual Academy is tuition-free and users report enjoying it. Click here.

Umbrella School:

I am personally a member of Home Life Academy, our umbrella school, to which I report attendance, grades, immunization records, and more. The consultants are always helpful, keep track of each state’s laws, and provide legitimate documentation and transcripts for homeschool families. They have been wonderful to work with. The website can be found at

Do you have any favorite resources? I would love to hear what they are and why you value them! Whether you are a homeschooler, public schooler, private schooler, or charter schooler, I am praying for you to stay connected to God and allow Him to guide you through it all this year! Talk to you soon!



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