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to the moms, future moms, waiting-to-be-moms...

It’s the season to celebrate MOMS! I can say now that I understand everything my mother said! The intolerance for eye-rolling and needing a moment of silence in the car every now and again. HA! I have more fighting, giggling, squealing, and twirling in my house than peace, and I also would never trade it. Thanks to my hubs who has the girls out now shopping for a Mother’s Day gift! I always say if something written here makes no sense, it might be due to my inability to complete a sentence from wiping a nose or breaking up a throw-down. In the spirit of honoring mothers, I am taking time to reflect on my own mom and childhood.

For all that was done wrong, so much was done right! I am thankful I can remember our little Memphis, Tenn. house sheltering us the Christmases we lived there. I remember the way it smelled after school when the windows were opened to let the spring smell in.

You let me play outside - a lot! You let me have slumber party pretty much every year for my birthday, which I am sure was quite…noisy! Staying up late sewing Easter attire or wrapping Christmas presents. Taking us to the library each Wednesday. Taking us to church for every event we could attend. At different times, schooling us at home and listening to complaining about tests and quizzes. For the American Girl Christmases and birthdays that contributed to my love for history and supported my imagination. Thanks for watching me cheer at games and making me redo answers on my tests and quizzes for half credit even though I would have rather simply taken the bad grade. You played those nursery rhyme records all day the day I was sick every time I rolled out of bed. You curled my hair in fabulously fluffy 90s bangs each Sunday! You volunteered in student choir to lead sectionals with the girls, even when the older “cool girls” were not enthusiastic. I wish musical talent had come more easily like yours, but it was just so much easier to go to the gym and throw a back handspring! My love for florals recently might be hereditary and the blush pink trend must be making you happy these days!

I cannot believe I have girls of my own! It truly is crazy! I am the age at which my parents will always be frozen. I can only speak from my experience of working in the trenches right now with little children, but for those who need encouragement through the endless poop, disgusting boogers, and limitless questions, oh, and let’s not forget public tantrums - those are super fun - the rewards are great. I am a licensed counselor and work with others and their children, but in my house sometimes I want to hide in a closet corner, bury my head in my knees, and rock back and forth! I believe the older moms who stand by it and I don’t want to wish these precious days away but I am glad to hear that they will one day see the sacrifices made that seem to go unnoticed right now.

Tired, multi-tasking, and wiping faces only lasts a season. No matter where you are in mommying, YOU are the world changers. You affect the next generation even when it seems like nobody around regards the job with honor and value. You teach manners at the table, work ethic, how to dress appropriately, pray, treat others with kindness, diagram sentences, clean bathrooms, make beds, speak with proper grammar, mop floors, pick weeds, bake cakes, stay organized, and countless other lessons! You teach them how the world works and filter information so it is fitting for their ages. Wisdom is essential and you exercise it everyday!

For those moms, future moms, and waiting-to-be-moms, you are significant and God considers you role indispensable! He created your mom role this way and He is capable with details and knew that your children needed you specifically. I know many ladies in the adoption process for their first child and even their fourth and fifth. I am praying for you as well. I am excited as you patiently wait for a match and show how great the love of God is through loving children like He loves us. For those who had mommies who were present, I am thankful. For those of you who did not have mom who was present, or for those missing their magnificent moms, remember

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you… Isaiah 66:13

Have a sweet Mother’s Day, everyone.



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