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you are enough

I see you there. Blowing the strand of hair out of your eyes and throwing another load of laundry into the dryer and putting the lost sock with its mate. I see you tucking them into bed after a long day to wake up and do it again the next day. I see you scrubbing the marks off the door that nobody else noticed anyway. Those toilets don’t clean themselves either, do they? These endless tasks of love in the everyday can make motherhood feel less than glamorous, with no vacation days or overtime pay.

I often sit with contentment and discontentment in that, I am living my dream and would choose no other life than this mom life, while feeling guilty wondering if this is all my life has become. Sometimes I feel invisible, unimportant, and pretty sure nobody would miss me if I disappeared, except that the laundry would be dirty and the kitchen would have no food. People don’t see the many times I get up from my unfinished lunch to help someone in the bathroom - and clean up afterward.

You are enough. Breathe it in. Smile. You matter.

Just like the narrative of the widow’s mite, God sees your faithfulness even when nobody else on earth does. At the temple, among the crowd of people showing their wealth by dropping money into the treasury, an overlooked woman gave all she had for her Lord. No matter if everyone else failed to see her, Jesus saw her face and her heart. She did not go unnoticed by our Savior (Mark 12:41-44). He knows you and He sees you.

He knows when you give your last smidgen of energy to get the stain out of your daughter’s dress late Saturday night for church the next morning. He knows when you sacrifice your desire to read a magazine for pushing a smiling-faced, giggling girl on the swing. Remember He knows you when you receive a grubby hand pulling on yours or the drool on your face from kissing a teething baby. He knows when you avoid a trip to Target to avoid bucking and unbuckling carseats. Soak in the “I love you mommy” moments. It makes all the struggles worthwhile, knowing your heavenly Father understands and has grace upon grace for the everyday (John 1:16).

He loves you.



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