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sunshine and swingsets

After this incredibly rainy season, I am ecstatic to see blue sky today and smell freshly cut grass. I almost can’t stand it! We just invested in a swing set (or pronounced “swing swet” if your name is Baby J) and it has been completed and officially set up! The windows are all thrown up in the house, allowing the warm sun and sweet smell of spring in. God sure does give us four seasons as a blessing. I am always ready for the next season when it comes! It makes me feel alive and gives me energy! Anybody?

Speaking of energy, there are many ways energy is sucked out of life! No matter the age, we struggle with stress and anxiety for many reasons and enough is enough. Thinking through what stresses me out and take the fun away, I have a few ideas listed that may be taking the fun out of your life.

Sleeping in late

Attempting to control others

Too many activities

Poor food choices


Attempting to please others

Taking things personally


Focusing on self too much

Focusing on others too much

Skipping time with God

So, if these are what takes energy and joy from life, what GIVES energy and joy? What can we do to make life a little more pleasant? I like a main point, so here we go.

Get up reasonably early

Control your own actions

Cut down commitments and activities

Eat balanced diet with healthful foods and water

Quit worrying about others and how they slighted you - let it go - keep your mouth closed

Live to please God alone

Let insults go

Practice gratitude

Balance self-care and serving others

Make time for God each day

Some of these suggestions are easier said than done, I know, right? By taking one at a time, we can begin changing our mindset toward a more healthy lifestyle spiritually, emotionally, and physically. God has created us for Him and to enjoy the blessing of life as we worship Him. Do you have ways you keep energy up? Love to hear from you!

Our Lord and God,

you are worthy to receive

glory and honor and power,

because you have created all things,

and by your will

they exist and were created.

Revelation 4:11

choose joy.



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