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Hey there ladies!

College! They say it’s the best time of life! I think it was super great, although I never want to go back to the dating scene again…that’s another story for another day! Seriously, college is full of little happies that I still miss.

I loved when the weather started to warm up in the spring and people began playing frisbee on the grassy fields and studying outside. Perhaps taking a “skip day” in class to enjoy the welcomed warmth. In the mountains of Kentucky where I went to school, fall was the perfect time to hike around the Cumberland River and study up on the rocks. Showing up at the cafeteria for a fully prepared meal, taking my dishes to the belt, and leaving without cooking or cleaning up was absolutely wonderful. I sure do miss that! Sleeping in a building full of fun friends was great! Having my bathroom cleaned daily is a dream! I spend numerous hours cleaning bathrooms now… Attending cheerleading practice and getting paid for it is definitely a perk. I will always think happy thoughts about college, although not everyday was great. God taught me many lessons and I learned much about life, friendship, time, and service. I enjoyed so much, but I could have done it a little differently. I don’t think eating pizza, never going to sleep before 2:00 a.m., and waking for an 8:00 a.m. class freshman year was terribly wise (but I sure had FUN)! I would love to share a few ways to make the most of college and act wisely! The following are some ideas to think about:

Have a quiet time. I emphasize this first since He wants us to spend time with Him and He is God. I consider this a privilege! Beyond that, He is the Source of guidance and wisdom and knows you best. As your heavenly Father, He cares about all the details that happen in a day. Embrace this! Time with Him in college is tricky and looks different than any other life stage so make time that works. For me, the middle of the day between classes and track practice worked well, since my dorm room was empty and quiet.

Attend class. Simple I know, but I know someone who skipped classes to the point of absence failure and missed out on umpiring a college baseball game because he had no skips left - not naming names, but he lives in my house. I promise, he knows I am sharing this :)

Eat a healthy breakfast. The typical college girl wakes up with two minutes to throw on clothes, brush teeth, and run to class, but breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. It provides fuel to power the mind and body. Eat it.

Arrive early. This one is exceptionally difficult for me personally, as I like to see how much I can accomplish before I need to be present somewhere, which puts me behind many times. Create a habit of leaving with enough time to arrive at least five minutes before start time. Not only does it put you as a student in a better state of mind, ready to learn, but also makes you the student look like a great student. This could help you receive the benefit of the doubt one day!

Smile. Sounds silly, but smiling makes you look approachable, and puts you in a better mood. Even when you are not feeling smiley, it tricks your mind into thinking you are, so bam! Win! Bonus, it also gains you a reputation as being a friendly person, which comes with advantages for leadership positions and future jobs.

Keep a calendar with all projects and events due. This is essential for academic success. How can you prepare adequately and turn in projects on time without knowing the time frame? Not a trick question, you know it’s impossible! Looking at the grand plan of a week at a time and a month at a time will help keep papers and projects on track and turned in timely!

Say no when necessary. Ugh, I know this one is difficult for some of you as it is for me. The key to saying “no” is opening up and speaking the truth in love. Explain you would love to, but the schedule is too full, or you have plans to be somewhere else and would love to schedule another time. The problem is when people try to cover up why they are saying no, others find out the truth, and life gets complicated. Honesty is still the best policy. See Ephesians 4:15 for confirmation. “Busy” does not equal better.

Take one class (project, task, job) at a time. Focus in one paper, one class, one semester, one year. Feeling overwhelmed is a terrible trap. Stay organized and stay focused in the present. Planning ahead is great, but remember the immediate responsibilities and complete the tasks for today.

Remember the end goal. Picture the cap and gown, the flashes of cameras, and the exhilaration of walking across the stage to grab that expensive piece of paper! This is what you are working for and it is possible and attainable. Keep working, keep studying, be a good steward of the brains and resources the Lord has given, and the reward will be GREAT!

If you are a college girl, how are you learning to make the most of your time in school? I would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful week! Happy Spring!



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