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simplify the stuff - the HOW

Hello lovelies! Like we talked about before, our present culture is consumer-driven for more status, more money, more stuff. We are duped into believing more stuff is the key to filling emptiness. Let’s realize it’s not. Jesus Christ is the answer. Without Him, nothing makes sense and nothing will fulfill. If you are reading, sweet friend, and would like to know more about our loving Father and purpose for your life, please visit the “how to” tab or connect with me through social media. I would love to have a chance to share with you the hope of our Savior.

Now, let’s get practical! Does life feel a bit chaotic? Home a bit cluttered? Research shows physical clutter is associated with depression and anxiety and can overload the brain. Clutter is suffocating, so let’s not let it rob another minute of joy! Visual simplification creates a haven promote peace and freedom. Not only is it a physical act of cleaning out stuff, it’s a part of letting go of our attachment to stuff. It allows our minds to focus on what matters.

I began this journey after we moved to Tenn. when I realized how much stuff six people accumulate over time! It has taken me months to clean out closets, drawers, and bins. I have had to revisit certain places in the house to try again to part with some items I was holding onto out of guilt. It has been liberating to let go of physical items holding me down. It also has created more time for my family and activities I love by cutting down on cleaning time.

Where in the world do I start? Great question and reflects the motivation to get the job done. If you have wandered through Pinterest or read magazines recently, there are a million articles on decluttering and ideas about how to get it done. I have worked with clients to help them decide where to start and how to let go. Some successful ideas include the following:

Start in one room. From experience, this is a process. It did not accumulate overnight and will not be completed overnight, but every little bit is a little more peace! Most people cannot take an entire weekend to clean out a house, so take a little at a time.

Clean EVERYTHING out of that section. Take everything out of the closet. Put all the jewelry on the floor. Dump that bin out on the floor. If not, the risk is miss the complete view of how much stuff there is and just reorganize the stuff! It may sound more time consuming but in the end, it saves time.

Complete one section of that room. Even if time only allows for one drawer, progress has been made! It is helpful to only begin what can actually be completed, since leaving a huge mess unfinished can be overwhelming to look at until the next opportunity.

Create a place for items leaving that space. Grab a box for give-aways and a box for maybes. Keep a trash bag handy for tossing broken and obsolete junk. Since I was without boxes, I used one corner in our bedroom for clothes to hand down.

When it comes to sentimental stuff, decisions can be tough! I love photography, so I think of my pictures as keeping memories more so than stuff. Rather than simply keep something or immediately throw it away, I keep it on a shelf in my closet for a while. If time passes and I realize I have no need for them, I get rid of them. Most of the time, I realize I never missed it.

I have divided a typical house into room and the rooms into sections to begin to work in. This is simply a beginning guide to get started, and leaves room for other rooms you may have to work with.






hair appliances






plastic cups

coffee mugs


instruction manuals



hair products


under the sink

Laundry room

laundry soaps

laundry baskets

cleaning supplies

Living space






Linen closet









home living


When going through the process of simplification, there are a few questions to ask to help decide what can stay and what can go.

Do I need this?

How many of these do I really need?

Have I used this any time recently?

Do I have something similar?

Do I feel good when I wear this?

If you have not used an item in a while, pass it on to someone who can benefit from it. It won’t be used hiding in the back of a closet. Holding onto an item without ever using it results in guilt. There may be some cute stuff in your house, but if you’re not wearing it or using it, let it go! Everything you own is something you are taking care of. That’s a lot! Spend your time taking care of stuff and people who matter most! Allow yourself the freedom to let go of stuff! Creating a more restful home has allowed me the motivation to stay committed to projects like sewing and spending quiet time with the Lord each morning. The more I clean out, the more I crave it.

I know myself, so if ease is not part of tidying up, I will not do it. I use bins and baskets for everything. We organize the pieces to dolls, puzzles, crafts, and more in the playroom/schoolroom into bins. I let the girls clean that junk up, which frees me up and teaches them responsibility and builds character and self-esteem. Win! In the linen closet, I have towels and sheets rolled up into bins. Ain’t nobody got time to fold sheet sets! I never really figured out how to fold fitted sheets perfectly anyway.

As you simplify your surroundings, I pray you experience peace and rest. Enjoy a slower pace and simpler life. Take a breath and be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10).



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