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simplify stuff - the WHY

Minimalizing is super trendy and there’s no question why. We live where consumerism creates a false feeling of comfort. We think that more stuff, more people, more scheduling, more everything will result in fulfillment. It never has and never will! Interestingly, a man named Charles Wagner in 1895, before modern technology like cars and internet I might add, said, “Amid the confused restlessness of modern life, our wearied minds dream of simplicity.” Quite profound considering he was not bothered with hundreds of emails on his phone each day or posting social media photos! Evidently, people just need simplicity. It’s not a new problem!

The only lasting peace can be found in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He says, “A thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance” (John 10:10). The enemy likes to create confusion by allowing us to believe more will be better, but it’s simply a distraction from the Truth that Jesus came to earth to die for our sin, so we can have real peace and joy. He is our peace!

Clutter in the house is an indication there is clutter physically, mentally, and emotionally. Yuck! Let’s get rid of that tension. Finding freedom from the physical mess can begin the process of freedom from mental and emotional chains.

what happens when we have clutter?

Clutter creates stress, which increases cortisol levels, the stress hormone. Cortisol can actually change the structure of the brain, causing it to become more sensitive. Daily stress can affect the way the brain handles future stress. Wow!

Mounds of junk in the house can cause behavior issues in children, and let’s be honest, adults, too. Nobody wants to be surrounded by chaos. I see kids negatively affected by physical clutter in my counseling office. Clutter is usually accompanied by a lack of routine, and kids in these households often act out and have problems regulating emotions.

Clutter is often associated with low self-esteem and depression. No wonder! Messy spaces can cause a lack of motivation, which causes messy spaces, and the circle continues. Nobody can feel valuable with that cycle happening.

This abundance of stuff can also cause the brain to go into multi-tasking mode, which sounds great, but isn’t realistic. When multi-tasking, tasks take longer to accomplish and usually are not done well. The focus is gone!


The reality is that we live in this world and we have places to live, and we have stuff to go in it! In fact, we need those cute dishes so we can eat dinner on them. We need an extra set of sheets for the guests who visit. We need that craft bin to create homemade gifts for people we love. The great news is we can work with what we own to simplify and clear the chaos.

Before we talk about HOW to do that, we should talk about WHY we would want to. What is the point? It can feel like a daunting task to declutter and simplify an entire house (or apartment) (or dorm room). We can stay motivated to complete the task when we remember the end goal! Some benefits include the following:

Your home will become a haven

You will spend less time looking for lost items

You will use more of what you have by seeing all of what you have

You will spend less time cleaning

You will spend less money buying stuff you already have but can’t find

You will feel more calm surrounded by a tidy environment

Ready to do this? Let’s go! We will meet up next time with practical ideas explaining how to simplify your surroundings. Stop organizing the rubbish and get rid of stuff holding you back! See you soon!



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