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simplify the personal schedule

Hello lovelies!

So glad to have a peppermint mocha flavored coffee in my hand and sitting with you this year! Although the Christmas decorations are down, I have pink hearts up now as a replacement, to keep festivity in the air even after the beloved Christmas season. Anyone else still get tree needles stuck between her toes walking on the carpet? Find glitter in crevices? Finding glitter is not a problem to me, though, as a member of this estrogen army!

We have begun 2019 with our topic of minimalism and decluttering. Clutter is chaos and it is suffocating. Clutter is associated with depression and anxiety! This is serious business!

Time is valuable. Time is money. According to God’s Word, we should redeem the time and be good stewards of the time He has given us (Ephesians 5:16). Life is a gift! America has a culture of consumerism and value busyness as productivity. Sometimes busyness is just that - busyness.

If you feel overwhelmed and dread each upcoming week, it may be time for a few changes in how life runs. Does life run you? It is miserable to feel out of control, so let’s take some time to figure out how to put some say in personal schedule.

Some stuff just has to be done. Work and school are two main priorities for most people. What fills the rest of the week? What is unnecessary fluff? Many times we agree to commit to activities out of guilt or obligation. Sometimes we just feel we “should” want to. Feeling like a slave to a schedule filled with obligations or “have-to’s” is no way to live. So what do we do?

prioritize. What absolutely has to be done in a week? From Sunday to Saturday, what is consistently needed each day of the week? Seasons of life call for different priorities. What I was able to take on as a college student looks different than how I spend my time now as a mom if young ones. Not a bad change, just different.

clear commitments. Take out what is non-essential. Get rid of that which is not enjoyable and not required. Sometimes activities are not inherently bad, but another time might work better. I would love for me and my lady troop to attend every story time at the library, spend time at the science center, take gymnastics, play at the park, take music class, and participate in church events. Time just does not allow for that and it’s perfectly fine!

It is fine to say “no” when asked to make a commitment. Look for changes to be made in your schedule and remove it. It may be you need to finish a commitment, so when that season is over, find freedom in knowing you can clear it.

I have seen clients who drive hours each day every day to take kids here and there to one practice and the next. Some people may disagree, but stop that! It is perfectly healthy to allow kids to choose one activity and stick to it. Guide them to understand we cannot do everything and do it well. We can choose wisely a few things to do well.

rewrite the schedule. Add in the commitments that are enjoyable and you are called to. Accept the “have-to’s” and write in the “want to’s.” What do you want to include that is meaningful? Bible studies are great, but is there really a need for five? Pick one that is purposeful and do it well.

Minimalism is super trendy right now, perhaps because Americans are inundated with information everywhere. People need solace and peace. Take time to rest. Spend time with God in peace. Pet the cat. My cat just sat in my lap as we speak! Let us begin this new year with more peace and rest. Allow God to speak to you through moving through extra fluff in the schedule and rest in Him. Be still (Psalm 46:10).



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