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one last cup together this year

Happy New Year! Grab a last cup of coffee and sit with me for a bit! As we say goodbye to 2018 and step into 2019, I love to (try to) take a minute (if I can find it) and reflect on God’s goodness during the past year. He has blessed us more than I can say, even when He answered my prayers differently than I asked. Anyone? His plan is always best and we can trust that.

I see what I have done well this year and what I can change to make better this year. There’s this trendy minimizing thing going on and I have come to embrace it. I paid no attention to it at first, thinking there is no way I will move into a tiny house and have three outfits to my name. I believe it is really unique to each individual and one’s place in life.

For me, moving at exactly this time last year and beginning 2018 with boxes everywhere really opened my eyes to the stuff we have accumulated. Six people accumulate a lot I might add! This summer, I found joy moving through mass amounts of stuff to share with others or even just to trash because it is broken. I also found freedom in letting stuff go that was tied to people or memories that have been difficult over the years. Letting go of physical stuff can be a healing process too. Forgive me, I know that sounds counselor-esque, but I am one! I would love to go into more details of the healing part of my story God is writing, so I will save that for another time!

I have taken notice of the ways we feel cluttered in life and have narrowed it to specific areas in which we can let go and simplify. I believe God never meant for us to feel out of control and the enemy likes to clutter our lives with different STUFF! God is a God of order and peace (1 Corinthians 14:33)! We could all use more of that!

We are cluttered in technology, living space, schedules, and minds. Which do you struggle with most? I am naturally an organized person, but I still felt clutter and stress in each area. Our culture is busy and focused on stuff. We have a need for stuff - physical and in our schedules! If are not running, we must be falling behind. I just can’t keep up with it all! If you feel chaotic and unable to keep up, it is probably time for a declutter! Yay!

I will take a few blogs to really explain ways to begin to declutter and therefore calm life and bring the ability to feel more peace. For now, two practical ways to begin this year right are as follows (don’t laugh):

Make the bed every morning: I don’t care if you are a college student or a mom of ten, DO IT! It not only makes the room visually appealing, it provides motivation to continue to move though the day. It starts the day with motivation instead of a purposeless day. As a dedicated practice, it does make a difference! Try it, you’ll like it!

Spend quiet time with God: It depends on where you are in life how much time and when this happens. In college, I spent many afternoons reading my Bible, journaling, and praying. Now, as a mom of four under six years old, I scramble to get a few minutes first thing in the morning IF I wake up before one of the little early-rise monsters :) I am eternally grateful that God has grace for me and understands my heart wants to spend time with him but right now life does not allow me to take time when and how I want. Staying connected to God through prayer throughout the day is super helpful. Writing Bible verses on the mirror with a dry erase marker is great. However you need to, DO IT! He truly will bless you. It’s the everyday stuff that makes all the difference when we look back on life.

Do you have goals for this year? I pray God’s peace for your heart as you laugh, cry, experience joy, and all the other emotions we know life will bring. I pray for you to experience and know God’s grace in your imperfections. May He be everything to you in 2019. God bless. Talk to you lovelies soon!



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