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girls and pearls

Elegance. What comes to mind when you hear this word? I have rediscovered this word as I was listening to my friend speak this week. Yes, she had on a lovely sweater, hair in a messy bun, dangly earrings, and booties, but it was more than that. She was speaking about growing in Jesus and what He has taught her through some tough times in life this year.

Elegance is my new word. It might seem old-fashioned, but should it? It evokes a sense of classy, sophisticated…a lady. We should never apologize for being a lady or be ashamed for being girly. What a gift God has given us in letting us be women!

Proverbs 31 describes an incredibly successful woman with admirable characteristics. It can be quite intimidating. Some debate the woman described is real, while some say Solomon was describing a composite of superior qualities in women he knew. Regardless, she need not cause us ladies to feel intimidated but rather motivated as we see how we can improve our own lives. She wakes up early, works hard, owns her own business, and keeps her family clothed. She is strong, she is kind, speaks wisdom, and is prepared, thus has no need to fear the future.

This woman is strong physically and emotionally. She is kind, therefore her husband and children love and respect her. She works hard and stays on task. She is intelligent, while watching over the needs of her family. She is savvy and owns her own business. This woman seems to rock womanhood!

Elegance is classy, which typically makes me think of the way someone dresses, but includes so much more. Elegance is classy, common sense, calm, kind, and most importantly exudes the love of Jesus with every breath. It is found in quiet confidence. It is friendly to new people and includes everyone.

Of course, practicality is always nice, so grab some hot tea, and read on for some reminders to keep elegance in life.

Say please and thank you

Risk over-dressing rather than under-dressing


Say excuse me

Brush your teeth

Use clean language - no cursing

Allow men to hold the door

Hold the door for people behind you

Stay familiar with news headlines and have opinions

Maintain a hobby

Wear lipstick

Send thank-you notes

Accept compliments gracefully

Do not let others or circumstances beat you down - get up and try again

Arrive on time

Avoid complaining that goes beyond venting to close friends

Paint toe nails

Stay humble but do not apologize for success

Make the bed each morning

Learn to make one entree and one dessert to take to people when they need food

Demonstrate quiet confidence - allow others to pump you up

Stay off the phone when meeting with someone and at the dinner table

Avoid speaking badly of others

Look people in the face

Actively listen and pay attention when others speak

Ask questions of others

Stop and listen to others

Apologize with sincerity

Try wearing pearls - they always make a classy statement

Do what is right even when no one else does

Exercise three to five times per week

Get plenty of rest

Speak truth in love

Be kind to children

Light candles at home

Smile at moms

Take responsibility for actions

Smell fresh - have a signature perfume or spray that is totally you

Give thoughtful gifts rather than expensive ones

Learn how to go back and forth in conversation

Wear fun earrings

Avoid gossip

Maintain shoes and clothing

I am glad we share this gift of womanhood together! Embrace this gift from God! How do you find ways to embrace the life God has given you?



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