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dorm rooms and pizza parties

’Tis the season for dorm rooms and pizza parties, friends and football, and oh yeah, classes! That’s right! College students are settling into a year of school again! It’s the boots, flannel, and pumpkin spice college girl season. So cliche I know, right?! Here it is yet again, so grab that pumpkin spice latte, and let me share some bits of wisdom I have learned and gathered from some wise women about going to college!

  1. Own your faith. In other words, know what you believe and why! College professors, even at Christian universities are not all Christians and do not have the same worldview. They will challenge you. Daily you will get to choose to follow Jesus and introduce Him to your friends.

  2. 2. Keep a good attitude – SMILE – it makes people want to be around you! Not everyday is fantastic and it’s okay to be real; however, constant complaints will get you nowhere. After a while, people will feel dragged down and will find other people who laugh and have fun. I have heard smiling makes you 60% more attractive. I laugh and I’m not sure how that was researched, but it definitely makes you more approachable!

  3. Choose close friends wisely. We really are who our friends are! As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17). Choosing close friends who love the Lord like you do are the ones who will keep you encouraged. Yes, befriend people! Reserve close relationships for those who can encourage you in Christ!

  4. When it comes to boys, stay equally yoked. I know that phrase sounds old-fashioned and kinda weird, but It IS super important to make sure the boy is growing with God just as you are. It goes beyond just dating someone who is a Christian. It is important He values time with God like you do. His priorities should line up with yours. It could seem okay at first, but sooner or later, the difficulties of dating someone in a different place will surface. It is easier to wait to date someone similar to you from the beginning and avoid heartache.

  5. Be kind. Don’t be arrogant. Hang out with everyone and enjoy all kinds of people. People are all creations of God so we can appreciate people different from us. A bonus is that we get to be known as friendly and loving. A true man of God wants a woman who is kind, compassionate, and caring toward all people, not just those in a certain “social class.”

  6. Stay organized. Keep a planner of your choice and schedule activities each day, even hang-out time. Write down every assignment due from each class syllabus. It will really help you enjoy more free time and avoid late assignments.

  7. Get involved. Whatever you enjoy, do it! If you want to try something new, go for it! College is a great time to try new sports, participate in clubs, or practice leadership skills. You will never again have your time organized in such as way as to have the opportunities to try this stuff.

  8. Keep up your quiet time with God – you will need it. College is full of life-changing decisions. Staying close to God will enable you to more clearly see His open opportunities for you. Time spent with God will eliminate confusion. After all, God is a God of order and peace (1 Corinthians 14:33).

  9. Be YOU – don’t change or try to impress. It never works in the end, anyway. People respect people who are confident in themselves. Let people see Christ IN you. Besides, people can smell a fake from miles away. Enjoy who God created YOU to be!

  10. Don’t be afraid to try…and fail. We learn through trying, so do not be afraid to fail. We have to try new things to find what we are good at. Sometimes we also have to find what we are not good at to discover our gifts and what we love.

  11. Go to class and take notes. Don’t be a slacker. God has given you this life and this opportunity, so take advantage! Go for it! Drink it in! Do well! Besides being a good steward of the opportunity and brain God has given you, it makes you an interesting person to other people. You have classes to talk about, goals to discuss, and dreams to share.

For you girls in college, I pray a blessed year for you. Let you trust God, choose to spend time with Him, and let Him guide your thoughts and decisions. I pray He affects all you do. Let Him affect how you treat others. I pray for you to have the wisdom to make wise choices. May you have the best year yet!

Love, Charis

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