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monday momma musings

Hello friends,

I hope yesterday was an enjoyable Mother’s Day. We may not all be moms, but we are daughters so we can appreciate the work moms put in each day to raise productive members of society. On this sunny Monday, grab a cup of something warm and comforting and let’s gather together!

Usually I would end with prayer, but today I would like to begin here. Mother’s Day can be a joyful day, but it is not always. Some of us may have had absent moms or moms who are no longer on earth. For you I pray for comfort as only God can give on this holiday.

For you moms out there, I pray you will be strengthened to teach, guide, and discipline children each day appropriately. I pray for wisdom to know how to lead each uniquely designed child God has given you. I pray God will provide you with energy to teach each day. I also pray God will give you a sense of humor to laugh and enjoy precious moments. I pray God will help you remember what it is like to be little (or at least younger) and to keep this in mind while parenting.

For ladies out there who desire to be moms, I pray that you will remember and truly believe God is FOR you. I pray for peace even when it involves waiting. Despite any challenges, I pray for absolute JOY for you (1 Peter 1:8-9). Many of us have been there, including me, and I pray God will provide you with others who have experienced similar circumstances. I pray God will fill you with encouragement!

As a mom with little ones, four girls under five to be specific, I have to add some humor to this holiday we celebrate. I have learned quite a lot in four years, including how to better handle embarrassment. I must admit, I have let another older mom handle a situation in a restaurant when a mom told our table that my daughter was hitting hers. I might have allowed her to take over the talking, so it was as if her child was the one hitting. I’m giving the embarrassed face right now! I don’t mind so much anymore and now realize that children are learning how to get along with other people. I have learned many more lessons since then, of which I would like to share just a few.

I have learned that my entire personal life is condensed into a two-hour length of time after they go to bed. Even then, sometimes I choose bedtime out of exhaustion. What has my life become?

I have learned that showering or anything in the bathroom is incredibly intriguing and must be supervised by tiny humans.

“Helping” somehow turns into more work than the original task.

I always felt sorry for people who ate alone at restaurants and thought it was terrible. I have completely changed my mind.

At this point in life, there is always someone crying.

I don’t know much about raising boys, but a lot of my days are spent redirecting female attitudes.

Children who can walk can start to be helpful, like when I need something from upstairs!

When 5:00 p.m. comes around and life begins to fall apart, I have reached the end of my ability to parent effectively so we begin the get-ready-for bed process.

Afternoon rest time is for everyone to take a break from everyone else - as difficult as it may be to comprehend, I need that break too.

A lot of my day is talking and giving instructions while nobody is listening.

I had no idea that children would break all my stuff…including my one awesome lipstick.

I never pictured myself literally picking up poo with my fingers…I’ll leave it there.

I had no idea that stretch marks were a thing and that I will most likely never wear a bikini again.

I had no idea that a gummy baby smile could make my heart feel so full.

I had no idea that I would be so frustrated dealing with attitudes, but at the same time, spend money on their new shoes instead of mine because I wanted to.

It’s truly rewarding to hear a child recite her first Bible verse with pure excitement.

Children want a mom who loves them unconditionally and cares enough to place appropriate boundaries. It matters not if they have a Pinterest mom, a cool mom, a wealthy mom, a trendy mom, or a perfect mom. Children need a mom surrendered to God. A rich mom has children to hold in her arms, no matter the number in the bank account.

Nothing beats hearing, “Hey Mommy,” and, after wondering what she needs next, hearing, “I love you.”

As sad as it is for my girls to grow, I look forward to the time when we can get coffee together and discuss life. It will be fun for us to go beyond mom and daughter to become friends one day.

Through mommy hood I have been given a new glimpse of God’s love for us, His children. His love for us is amazing, despite our bad decisions, bad attitudes, tantrums, and imperfections. Praise God for His constant love and kindness to us. Praise God for always welcoming us into His arms. Have a blessed week.

Love, Charis

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