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Hello everyone!

Spring is here! Well, kind of…sometimes. I am excited each year to start opening windows, letting the fresh air in, and smelling that “spring smell.” Anyone know what I mean? It reminds me of elementary school. I came home, my mom had windows open, and it smelled so inviting, and reminds me of joy. I hope it does the same at my house now.

Spring also brings newness and change. Many churches I hear of now, from family and friends, are making adjustments, adding new pastors, and asking church members what they would like to see at their churches. Good idea. Good to hear from others’ perspectives.

I don’t want to come across as just another blogger or writer talking about “in this day and age” or “millennials today just don’t get it.” I am a millennial and I want us to get it right. To be broken for what breaks our Father’s heart. I want us to change the world for Christ. To have intact families, to care about issues that affect humanity, to stop running the rat race of what we have been made to believe is important, but the importance of Jesus, the only part of life that lasts. I want us to leave a lasting impression on this world and I want us to be history-makers. I had forgotten a song called “Historymaker” (by Delirious from their album King of Fools) until recently. I listened to it in college and I prayed I would have an extraordinary life instead of an ordinary one. You can check it out through the following link:

When we look into the New Testament books of Luke and Acts, we find, basically, what church is supposed to be like. A blueprint of sorts. These books actually follow each other in chronological order. Acts really answers the NOW WHAT question after Jesus completed His time on earth. He was crucified, rose from the dead, commissioned His disciples, and went to heaven, promising His return. Read some of these books. They are super interesting. These guys followed Jesus to the death for the sake of His Name. We as Christians need to know what ministry is all about, not just staff members of a church. We are all called to ministry.

At one recent particular meeting at a church designed to hear from the minds of the people, a lady about my age mentioned the bass guitar was not turned up enough and “that was the reason she came to church” so she was disappointed. You can’t make this stuff up. While we may sit and laugh, if we are honest, we would probably admit we are no different. Let’s be real here. We can do that with each other, right? Take a sip of that coffee while I drink my IBC Cream Soda and have a heart-to-heart.

Have mercy on us, Lord, when we forget to Whom we owe our lives to. We, as Christians have the privilege to go to church and worship our God. We actually go to church to GIVE to God, not receive for ourselves. Interesting thought, huh? I always thought we went to church to “get something out of a class” or “take something from a sermon,” but we go to glorify our Father. Learning something new is a bonus! What a great gift!

I might sound like an elderly person, oops, but I would do a disservice by not sharing truth with you. I am afraid we attend church for all the wrong reasons. To feel good, to do the weekly duty, to make sure the kids get their “God stuff” in for the week, for the church to disciple the kids, hear a good sermon, sing some great songs, watch a concert, climb the massive rock climbing walls in the student building (as a former student ministry wife, those are pretty fun) - all these are great, but if they are the motivation, we have lost the purpose.

We are discussing Paul and Barnabas at breakfast each morning with the girls. By “discuss” I mean spend about two to three minutes on the lesson. Their lessons at “Sunday class” as they call it, have been about these two guys. We ask the question each day, “Who tells people about Jesus?” The answer is “Christians do!” Our Bible verse the preschoolers are memorizing is Acts 1:8. We have it printed on a card we keep on the magnetic prayer board in the kitchen for easy access. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t convenient, I might not get it out.

And you will receive power when he Holy Spirit has come on you. You will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Are we telling people about Jesus in words and actions?

In church, if the song doesn’t exactly rock your world, maybe it does to someone else who needs to hear it. It’s not about you. I know, honest, but true. I love you, so I tell you the truth. Spend some time with the older ladies and attend the women’s events. They might change you. I believe we may be thinking of individuals instead of people as a whole. Mainly people want authenticity, not simply an evoking of emotions once a week. We desperately need Jesus. If I am not loving other people, I have missed it. I am focusing on the irrelevant. I think many times we have to retrain our brains from our natural, human tendency to think of ourselves first and think of others first. Sometimes we have to switch that track and reroute that train. I know I do!

I am challenging us this week to consider how we are telling people about Jesus. Are we telling people about Jesus? Read through Luke and Acts to gain a perspective on how to share Christ. I will let you know how that is going over the next several weeks for me. How do we change the world, where we are, with people we know, in places we go? If you don’t know Jesus, you can see exactly what that means under the How To section on this home page. Love you lots!

Love, Charis

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