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new stuff and abundant joy

Hi guys! I am so glad to be slowly getting back into the regularity of a new schedule. We are now in the Nashville area, so new baby, new house, new job for my boo, and even a new haircut! I am glad to be back to writing more consistently, although it is many times through sleep deprivation with a hot tea in one hand, and a baby strapped to my chest. I have missed y'all! We are praying for a new church and new friends and have been since before we moved. I must take a moment to mention how shocking it is to hear a fire alarm sound at the end of a church service while people are chatting, see everyone be evacuated out of the building, and realize it was your kid who pulled the alarm…Thankfully I was not near her so I could turn red privately. A sweet lady acknowledged that it must have been a child and I just nodded my head like “yeah, must have been!” And this was our first visit at that church. Wow, those curious four-year-olds! We avoided a public conversation, but immediately afterward, in the car, went over why we never touch those alarms. At lunch, she did ask if the police would get her for pulling it. And this is life.

Just yesterday, the curious four-year-old mentioned how Mississippi was a nice place to live and would like to go back. It is funny that even when situations are tough, when new situations come along, it is often tempting to want to return to what we came from even if it wasn’t ideal! Why are we so funny like that? It reminds me of the Israelites in the Bible claiming they were better off in Egypt (as slaves) because they were worried they were going to starve (Exodus 16). That quote “the evil I know is better than the evil I don’t know” seems appropriate at times. No matter how many times we see God deliver us, we sometimes still think that the new worry is bigger than before and maybe He is not working how we would like Him to work. Perhaps not, but we can be confident that it is for our good (Romans 8:28). We must remember that it is for His glory and not ours. When we are close to Him, what makes Him happy, gives us joy too. In Him, we find abundant joy (Psalm 16:11).

Do you find yourself surrounded by new stuff?

Change is tough. I have lived in 13 different places. It does not make moving any easier either. New places can be tough and lonely. New places take effort. I won’t lie, I don’t understand exactly why we moved where we are. There are so few licensed Christian counselors on the Gulf Coast, so I wonder what in the world I am doing here. I miss my clients terribly. My hubsy also works longer hours now, so I am often refereeing sibling rivalry alone and let me just say, that gets old fast! On the nights he works late, I enjoy a blanket and a hallmark movie. It’s even better when a kitty or two keeps me company on the couch too. Anyway, life can be trying, but take heart, friends. He will take care of us! When nothing makes sense, He is the One Who works out everything perfectly. He also protects us from what could be harmful. He wants the very best for us. We are His children and we can rest in that!

Let me say that I am excited about the new look of the website and hope to add even more fun “stuff” this year. If you have suggestions or questions on topics or need someone to listen, click on the contact me tab and send a quick note! I would love to hear from you.

Love, Charis

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