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Hello my sweet friends! Happy 2018! I have missed you! It has been a bit since we hung out last and so much has happened in my world! I am writing to you from a new state and am now a mom of four girls under five! Life is comical, right?!

How is this new year going for you? At the end of the year, we celebrated our third daughter’s second birthday on December 11, had baby Raegan December 15, my brother’s birthday December 22, Christmas, moved and celebrated my husband’s birthday December 29! Whew! Did I mention the packing going in in the midst of it all? I love Christmas and never take down decorations until January 1, but this year, we had to take everything down the day after Christmas and box it up with the rest of the belongings. Let me just put it out there – I don’t recommend it! God gives us strength where we need it, so that helps the process.

Now, a new town, new baby, new job (career) for my hubs, new house, and looking for new church, new friends, doctors, dentists, hairstylists, and the like in the Nashville, Tenn. area! I won’t pretend to have it all together. In fact, overwhelmed is sometimes the theme for my day. This leads me to my point today: we need the Lord!

You may have heard, “If you’re too busy for your quiet time, you’re too busy NOT to have your quiet time.” Obviously, we need to stay connected to God in busy times, but we also need Him just as much on the ordinary days! Waiting for baby, taking care of three other littles, packing, getting ready for Christmas, saying goodbye to friends, and mentally preparing to move has gotten in the way of my time with God. It seems like each morning, something happened or I was just too plain tired to read and pray over the last few weeks! Anybody? I have the desire, but I often don’t do the good I want and I do what I don’t want to do! Paul understood this as he wrote, “For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing” in Romans 7:19. I also understand in this passage in Romans 7, he also reminds us, “ Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me.” The enemy wants us to feel overwhelmed and too busy to spend time with God. That way we are weak and helpless. I don’t need any help feeling weak and helpless, so I know I need Him every day.

My goal for this year right now is to get back to spending time with Him each morning. It sounds idealistic, I mean, let me wake up to the birds and sunshine, slip on comfy slippers and robe, breathe in the fresh air, make some coffee, and read in peace and quiet on a tree-filled backyard patio. Let’s bring it back to reality! Some of you work outside the home, some of you work in the home. For me, the reality is that my newborn doesn’t know the word schedule, I often wake up to squealing girls fighting, a messy hallway, or the occasional poop mess I get to smell and clean up. In fact, at this moment, my two-year old climbed into may lap while I have the infant strapped to my chest in her wrap. Not much room here! Praise God for His patience and kindness through our imperfections.

Together, friends, let’s make the choice to schedule our day around our heavenly Father and allow Him to take over our thoughts, choices, and countenance! God bless you sweet girls! I pray for you to stay purposeful about your time with God! I look forward to this year as I have ideas for postings and hope to get share actual photos of my family and life with you! Talk to you soon.

Love, Charis

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