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I usually post on Mondays, but here it is Friday! We are still waiting on Miss B to arrive, so while I wait, I thought I would take some time to spend with you all! As we are into December, we begin our favorite family traditions for this Christmas season. What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? It has been fun over the past 10 years to combine mine and my husband’s family traditions and to create some of our own.

This year, we put up our tree the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is really early for us. Since we began living in houses instead of apartments, we have definitely opted for the real trees. My favorite for the wispy branches is the Douglas fir. This year we went with the Fraser fir because they were the only trees unloaded! I love the smell and enjoy picking the perfect tree out! We have saved the bottom cutting of the tree stump off and I have written the year and place on each one. We now have eight cuttings from eight trees laying out on the entertainment stand.

We usually open Christmas pajamas for all of us on Christmas Eve but this year, with moving and new baby coming, it will be a bit hectic and I realize we do not get as much time to enjoy the Christmas pajamas during the month of December, so this year, we opened Christmas pajamas the day we decorated the Christmas tree. It makes for cute decorating pictures as well! We did pink and red mice pajamas! Of course, Daddy and I have coordinating pajamas as well. Too bad Carter’s does not sell adult clothing as well.

We do an advent calendar each morning, moving the star with Jesus’s Name form one day to the next. I found ours last season at LifeWay. It also blends with our home décor, so another plus!

I am a Christmas music lover, so we have Pandora playing all day. My personal favorite station is the traditional Christmas music. For nap time in the afternoons, I often switch to the Christmas lullaby station to set the mood. With three screaming girls under five in the house, we need the mood set to calm! I love the traditional stuff. It reminds me of childhood, staring at the twinkling tree lights and wondering what was in the gifts under the tree.

Regarding gifts, we do not spend an exorbitant amount of money on gifts. We put useful items in stockings such as sockies, undies, body wash, lotion, and toothbrushes, along with candy in them. We have fun toy presents under the tree but nothing crazy. The girls asked for the Cinderella carriage that really drives around the driveway. I went ahead and told them it was not happening. I never received a Power Wheels toy and I apparently survived, barely as it may be, so I have high hopes they will be alright too.

On Christmas Eve, we look forward to eating our Christmas Eve dinner all dressed up. We always include macaroni and cheese, a family favorite! We then enjoy wearing our Christmas best to the Christmas Eve service at church. After church, we head home to put on pajamas and eat a little snack of leftovers. We feed the reindeer outside with oatmeal and silver glitter to help them find our house. It is important they get a snack on their busy night, you know.

Before bed, we read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and the nativity story before prayers and bed. Last year, we had some extra brownies, so we left some on a plate for dear Santa Clause. He even left a note thanking us for the chocolate treat!

On Christmas morning, nobody is allowed to leave the bedrooms until the camera is ready and everyone is let loose at the same time to run and see what Santa brought. In our house, Santa sets the presents out by the stockings unwrapped. Sampling of the candy is essential to the process as well. We let the kitties in to see the treats Santa brought them too. We cannot leave the fur babies out!

After a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls or a casserole of some sort, everyone gets dressed and we open gifts, taking turns, one by one until the last gift is unwrapped. The rest of the day is spent relaxing, eating leftovers, and just enjoying each other.

What are your favorite family traditions for this season? If you have any ideas, I would enjoy hearing them! I love great ideas to add to our family! I hope you have a wonderful week, dear friends, as we remember why we celebrate this season. Jesus came to earth as a tiny baby to minister to real people on earth and to show His unconditional love to us by dying on a cross to save us from our sin. No matter how many times we have heard it, read again in Luke 2:1-20. Let the passage take you into the narrative and let yourself comprehend the fear of Joseph, the awe of the shepherds, the brightness of the star, and the miracle of the birth in the smelly stable long ago. Talk to you soon!



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