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renew my energy

Good morning y'all!

It is a Sunday morning and it’s quiet in my house. Isn’t it church day, you might ask? Why, yes it is, but I am here resting with three fur babies in my room on a most perfect fall drizzly day outside. I have the windows open, which the kitty cats love, as they can turkey up in the window sill. I am totally making turkey a verb here. Everyone in my family uses it to describe cats this way. It’s strange that I want so badly to have a quiet house to myself without squealing, fighting, answering weird questions, or changing a diaper, but when I do (which is rare), I have no idea what to do with myself. Well, I am being productive in my sweatpants, oversized long-sleeved t-shirt, glasses, and cozy socks. I am an extrovert, meaning I get my energy from people, so I don’t want to be alone for too long, just enough to hear SILENCE and get a few personal things done that I want to do. My people will be home after church for lunch soon enough, so I want to take time for you!

Let me catch you up on life here! I am at home taking a rest after so much happening in life! We are currently waiting for a new baby next month, my husband has taken a new job, and we will be moving out of state in a few weeks, getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Baby J’s second birthday, selling our house, packing our house, trying to find a rental house, and my husband’s birthday is next month to top it all off! Did I mention I was tired a tiny bit overwhelmed, even for my Type A, organized personality? Yep!

This is how it always seems to happen. I like everything put in my planner, color-coded, no-stress, under control, organized, neatly tied up. Life doesn’t seem to work like that, does it? One of my dreams has been to bring a new baby home to a nice, clean house, where all is set up, nursery ready, and to just enjoy family. Well, we are four for four NOT doing this! The first time, we interviewed at a church when Baby L was two weeks old and moved at the five week mark. When Baby EK was born, my hubs had a lot of work stuff going on that contributed to stress. When Baby J was born, we were living in a condo out of sterilite containters and stuff in storage places all over town, praying we could get the paper work done and move into our very own house. We ended up spending Christmas, New Year’s, and all January in that condo. It seems silly, but I was sad because Baby J was over six weeks old when we moved into our house and before I could rock her in our glider! This time, we will be packing a truck the day after Christmas with new baby in tow! So much for bringing a new baby home to peace and tranquility!

Although life does not make sense sometimes, after three babies being brought home like this, I have learned a little about chilling out and simply enjoying the moments He brings us, however He brings them. There is still much to be thankful for in the middle of chaos and we need to remember this! I am overwhelmed about finding the “perfect” house to live in and get stressed wondering if the one I like will be rented before we can. God already knows and is preparing the way. Why should I get worked up about it? All I can do is prepare and pray for wise decision-making. Below is a verse for you and me this week.

God, renew my energy when I am tired. Psalm 103:5

I love this, especially at this specific time. Yesterday, my husband worked all day, I did not feel good, and got a call we needed to show the house, while I have all the precious munchkins here with me. They are helpful, but a four, three, and one year old can only help so much, ya know? I am taking today to recover and prepare for this upcoming week. I am enjoying this time with God and the peace this morning provides. I hope you have a restful week and God will renew energy in you!

I will keep you updated on life. Blogs may become a bit sporadic here and there, but I want to keep up with you during our moving, baby, and holiday season! God bless! I hope to be making some creative changes and updates to the blog as we begin a new year as we keep sharing life together!



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