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The Star

Hey guys! We were able to preview a new Christmas movie about the birth of Christ coming this month! Despite a hectic work schedule for my hubs, we were able to go as a family to the “big moomies,” also known as the movie theatre, to preview The Star. The girls did great and I feel like a spoiled kid each time we visit the theatres here because we get to sit in the reclining sofa seats that are adjustable! Yay! I am going to give it a quick review, as it may be something you and your friends may want to see!

The Star (Affirm Films) will be in theatres beginning November 17 and tells the story of a donkey named Bo who follows the bright star, along with some other animal friends, who find the newborn king. We had a lot of fun laughing with the animated animals. Their facials and quips are hilarious.

Although it is animated and children can enjoy it, adults can take in truth as well. From my adult perspective, I saw the stress Joseph went through as they had to travel to Bethlehem. I was reminded of the fright Mary must have felt as she had to tell Joseph about the Baby. I am reminded of the journey, which must have been incredibly uncomfortable for Mary, and how rough it must have been to deliver a baby on the floor of a stable in the midst of straw and smelly animals.

For you theologians, there are some aspects of the movie that are added for the sake of the story line. Not mentioned in the Bible, the wise men in the movie are taken captive by Herod. In the film, the wise men arrive at the stable where Jesus was born, but it seems that, historically speaking, they probably met Jesus after He was older, perhaps even at age two, as it took so long to travel. The movie showed the traditional three wise men with three gifts, but it seems more likely there were many kings who traveled to see Jesus, with three gifts. It is not mentioned in the Bible that Mary and Joseph had a pet donkey, but in the movie, Mary takes in Bo as a pet. None of these critiques alter the main point of the movie, that Jesus Christ was born miraculously in humble surroundings to Joseph and Mary long ago.

The bottom line you ask? I would definitely purchase the movie and plan to do so. Young ones can really enjoy learning the story of the birth of their Savior, while captivated by the bright animation and humor the movie provides. They can laugh with the talking animals and experience the awe that those who were there must have felt when they knelt before the King of Kings in the humble stable so long ago.

You can learn more at the website Find out more about the movie, the cast and crew, and watch videos. Activities are included and an animated coloring book for kids can be found as well. As we begin to consciously celebrate our blessings at Thanksgiving time and move into the Christmas season, enjoy this fun family film! Love,


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