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Cozy up

Hello everyone! The weather here has been so cool, it is absolutely fantastic, despite the fact we are on the coast. We have been able to keep the windows open this week and burn a fall candle. I am in ecstasy! We are turning our house into a fall wonderland! Even though it never gets too chilly down here, I imagine it is more fall-like than it really is. We can still put on warm socks, cozy sweaters, and sit on the couch with comfy knit blankets. This reminds me of conversations I have with many clients about self-care.

Creating a peaceful home environment, whether it is a house, dorm, room, apartment, or something else, it is important to make it a refuge. I talk to many clients about self-care. We cannot be the best leader possible in any venue without taking care of ourselves. We need to be careful it does not turn into egocentrism, but a healthy amount of personal attention is necessary. Whether a mom, sister, roommate, friend, student, professional, wife, or a combination, we all need to take care of ourselves!

With the fall season here, I have a few ideas I would love to share with you to create a cozy refuge in which peace is found. I love practical wisdom, so I hope these ideas are those in which you can incorporate into your everyday lives, no matter where you call home.

Let’s begin with decluttering. Yes, we all have clutter, so to pick up those pesky items each night before relaxing time or bedtime will help tremendously when getting up in the morning. Waking up to unnecessary chores can really kill the morning vibe. Waking up to a somewhat neat place makes it much more pleasant. If need be, have a basket for each family member, throw those misplaced items in the appropriate baskets and let them put their stuff away. Clear off kitchen counters and run the dishwasher so no dirty dishes are left in the sink. If clothes baskets are not folded yet, at least stack them in a corner of the living room to get to them at a later time. I have a basket for my art supplies so when I need to clear the kitchen table for a meal, I can just throw my artsy stuff in it and put it up somewhere, yet it is still easy to get out again. Clear off bathroom counters by putting toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup, and anything else “cluttery” in a drawer or basket. I love baskets for everything. No folding required and it makes whatever is in them look neat!

Light some candles. No need to buy those pricey ones! Something that makes you feel good works. I like fresh fall smells like apple, leaves, and cider. Maybe even pumpkin pie for a kitchen smell. Keeping a candle lighted when you are in your space creates bouncing lights off the walls and a warm, inviting atmosphere. They also cover up a multitude of smells (diaper pails or spilled messes on carpet, anyone?).

Toss some throw blankets by seating in your space. This even works for dorm rooms. Wherever people may sit, a blanket nearby is nice to act as a little piece of calm and security. They also work nicely when taking time to spend with God. Plopping my Bible on top of a blanket enables me to get comfy and really take the time to enjoy and learn from His Word. First thing in the morning in the crisp air under a blanket is a great feeling.

Decorate a little and take some pride for your space (home, dorm, room, wherever). Sometimes it is a little frustrating for me when I look on pinterest for decorating ideas and realize I cannot afford to buy the stuff I see. However, be resourceful and use what you have! Pretty “flowers” my girls bring inside turn from yellow weeds to a cute little centerpiece for the kitchen table. The yellow brings the gift of fall inside! Got plaid blankets? Throw them on the couch or porch chair. Tie some ribbons in your favorite fall shade on a rocking chair. Get creative!

It may seem insignificant, but creating a peaceful home environment is good for the body, mind, and soul. We can feel more together and alive when we have a cozy space to come home to. This also ties into our spiritual lives as well. When we have a decluttered area, inviting to family and friends, we are more likely to be organized enough to be keeping the habit of spending time with God, which enables us to keep that atmosphere safe and secure. It is amazing how God ties our biological, psychological, and social pieces of us together. One affects the other, showing us how self-care is important!

I hope you have a fantastic fall-feeling week! I am hoping the cooler weather stays here. If not, I am still armed with apple candles and fall fox kitchen hand towels! Maybe my girls can find some pretty leaves and rocks to decorate the house too!

Praying for you all!



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